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Monday, September 10, 2007

More politics, more league 

I note with interest the continuing success of the National Party in the polls. It is, of course, each individual voter's right to cast their votes as they please. Nevertheless, polling - I think - assumes a certain basic level of knowledge among those being polled.

So, for the near 50% of the population that states it currently intends to vote National, I raise the following questions:

1. Correctly spell the name of the leader of the National Party.
(Explanation: even in an educated context, I estimate that 50% of people I hear referring to him, pluralize his name to "John Keyes". And no, I never bring up politics just to test people.)

2. Name, and outline in at least one coherent sentence, any two National Party policies.
(Explanation: just a hunch, but I bet the majority of those intending National Party voters could only manage two words: tax, and cuts)

3. Name any two National Party frontbenchers (i.e., members of the "shadow cabinet"), other than the leader.
(Explanation: I anticipate plenty of blank looks in response to this one).

If prospective National Party voters fail on, say, any 2/3 of these tests, then methinks their choice isn't well-thought out or "educated"

Now on to league: bit of a grim game at Mt Smart on Friday. The crowd was something to behold, especially in the south stand where I hung out. It was eerily reminiscent of a Guns N Roses concert actually. As for the game itself, Bennyasena said afterwards: "I can't think of anything that would go on the highlights reel."

Tipping: both Yamis and I got 3/4, so our season averages now stand as:

Yamis: 107/172 (62.2%)
DC_Red: 63/104 (60.6%)

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OK then, National Party trivia questionaire....

1. I've noticed that too, but to be fair that's just a sad reflection on NZ Media standards.

2. There are none.

3. Name 2 other frontbenchers? Well that's easy; 2 people lining up with knives behind Key; former leader English and future leader Brownlie. It's when you have to name a 3rd (Tau is backbench) that it gets harder.

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