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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Way to fucking go Robert good work bro!!!
Missing diver Robert Hewitt has been found alive after three days in the water.The former Navy diver was spotted from the Police Launch Lady Elizabeth III shortly after 4pm today near Mana Island and pulled from the water. He had spent more than 72 hours in the water. Officials said he was conscious, dehydrated and needing medical attention. Family watched and wept as Robert Hewitt, was placed in a waiting ambulance at the Mana Cruising Club north of Wellington tonight. His fiancee Rangi and youngest daughter hugged the police and navy divers who found the 38-year-old former navy diver in the water off Mana Island.Mr Hewitt went missing on Saturday and his All Black brother Norm Hewitt had said family accepted he would not be coming back.

In other breaking news I see the Dom Post and Press have apologised for causing offence - about time too it was never our battle.


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