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Monday, February 13, 2006

More Curious Questions (In the Bennyasena tradition) 

1. Why does the headline 'Cheney shoots man' come as no surprise?

2. Why are certain people unable to distinguish between the actions of individuals and institutions, and the nation state from which they originate, or in which they are based?

First, certain flag- and embassy-burners cannot distinguish between the actions of newspaper editors and contributors, and the nation state in which those persons are based. If an Australian individual was to offer some grave insult to New Zealanders, I'd hope we would be mature enough to distinguish between that individual and Australia as a state. But then...

Second, certain South Islanders turn up their lips in a convincing imitation of a rabid rotweiller when hearing what they think is an "American" accent, presumably due to their dislike of American politics or foreign policy. To mis-quote a local institution, "get over it you fucking inbred white trash zenophobes".

3. Why do I get the serious impression that most NZ-based TV productions (including news and advertisements) are intended for 6 year olds? Stop talking down to me you fucking pricks. Yes, I'm talking about you Brand Power, and you too Kate Hawkesby.


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