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Monday, August 08, 2005

A promising start 

It looks like someone has finally decided to shut Jim Anderton up before he can criminalize anything else. Good work TV3. Hopefully the good people of Wigram can complete the job. In all seriousness, with both Anderton and Dunne almost certain to head back to Parliament, their exclusion from the TV3 worm debate is somewhat unfair.

Some good cricket overnight though ... first with the Ashes, and second with the Black Caps whipping the Zimbabweans. Expect a maiden test 50 for Chris Martin next. Well, maybe not, but Vettori was in a starring role again.

Vettori's last 10 test innings:

127, 23, 21, 2, 20, 59, 24*, 23, 45, 41*

Good to see our top 6 make 141 runs

and our bottom 5 make 296 runs and counting...

The more things change...

Vettori now averages 23.77 with the bat. He only averaged 16.09 after his 45th test (this is his 63rd).

He's only 4 wickets short of 200 so might get there this test unless the quicks clean them out.

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