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Friday, August 05, 2005

The Price is Wrong 

My own credit card ad after what has come through my letter box in the last week.

Car Insurance (3 months)

Waitakere City Rates (3 months)

Waitakere City Water Charges (6 months)

Auckland Regional Council Rates (annual)

Power Bill (monthly)

Telephone/Internet Charges (monthly)

Full tank of petrol (weekly)

Cardboard for shelter under the bridge...

PRICELESS (literally) from Pac'n'save

You could always live in your car and ride your vacuum cleaner to work, as discussed previously. Our power bill in Dunedin has hit $165 or so at several points, just be thankful your wife hasn't discovered shopping.
And I guess be thankful you haven't succumbed to SKY, at $50/mo (or $600/yr). ... I have sometimes dreamed of disposing of the home phone and saving a sweet $500/yr.
The phone sucks the most.

We make fuck all calls and receive a few a day I suppose and it's 35 a month as a base.

When you work it out for each call it's ridiculous. It would probably be cheaper to use the local pay phone.
Regarding sky a guy came door knocking last week trying to sell it to us. I told him I can't afford it (something he couldn't quite accept).

And I can find an extra $600 a year from where mate?
I'd guess we make and receive an average of 1 call a day. So that's 70 calls a month ... more than 50c each. Telecom ... just another corporate money-grubbing fuck out to sodomize the NZ consumer.
If we had real competition with telecommunications I'd say we would be paying half what we pay now.

Please let that day come soon...

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