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Friday, August 05, 2005

NRL Round 22 

After 131 games in the 2005 NRL the NZ Herald's tipster Peter Jessup has picked 74 correctly, while bloggingitreal's tipster Bennyasena has tipped 73/131.

Last weekend the Warriors reminded their fans of the absolute crap they have been able to produce at times throughout the season - on several occassions Panthers players waltzed through the Warriors defensive line without even being touched....

The good news is that the Roosters/Bulldogs/Raiders/Manly/Sharks all lost too so really the table is no different in terms of the Warriors chances of making the top 8.

The way I see it is forget about the top 6 teams - Broncos, Eels, Storm, Dragons, Cowboys, Tigers - they'll all make the 8.

However, seventh placed Manly (24 points) and 8th placed Sharks (24 points) - who were walloped 46-6 last week at home by the Tigers - are looking decidedly shit.

Between the Warriors (20 points but with bye to come) and 7th/8th place are two teams - the Raiders (22) and Bulldogs (23).

The Warriors have a positive points differential of 27 however each of these four teams above us have negative points differentials - Manly's -25 is the least - and none have a bye owing.

So taking into account the bye the Warriors, in reality, are only two points outside the 8.

The Bulldogs best player/goal kicker is out for the season along with half the rest of their starting team, the Sharks' coach last weekend admitted they had fuck all chance of making the 8.

With the Raiders playing the on-fire Tigers, Sharks vs the superior Storm and Manly vs top-of-the-table Broncos the Warriors have got a chance in round 22 to get on a level playing field with the teams in front of them.

Even though the Bulldogs are playing the Knights - two points for the dogs is still far from a certainty.

OK the games and picks for Round 22:

Cowboys vs Dragons - Bennyasena Dragons Jessup Cowboys
Bulldogs vs Knights - Bennyasena Knights Jessup Bulldogs
Sharks vs Storm - Bennyasena Storm Jessup Storm
Warriors vs Eels - Bennyasena Warriors Jessup Warriors
Raiders vs Tigers - Bennyasena Tigers Jessup Tigers
Roosters vs Panthers - Bennyasena Panthers Jessup Panthers
Manly vs Broncos - Bennyasena Broncos Jessup Broncos

Cowboys vs Dragons - cowboys
Bulldogs vs Knights - knights
Sharks vs Storm - storm
Warriors vs Eels - warriors
Raiders vs Tigers - tigers
Roosters vs Panthers - roosters
Manly vs Broncos - mighty brisbane broncos

And 2 points for the Rabbitohs I predict.
Cowboys vs Dragons - cowboys
Bulldogs vs Knights - bulldogs
Sharks vs Storm - storm
Warriors vs Eels - warriors
Raiders vs Tigers - tigers
Roosters vs Panthers - roosters
Manly vs Broncos - broncos

or the opposite of what I've picked.
Warriors season all but over.

Kemp has never been able to get the side to hit their straps and I wouldn't be surprised to see them drop 2 or all 3 of their remaining games and finish an easy 12th.

New coach I'm picking unless they close the season out solidly.

By the name of Cleary.

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