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Friday, August 05, 2005

An excuse to put this picture here 

I can't think of an excuse but do I need one?

These K-pop girls played at my university opening ceremony in Korea a few years ago and here they are showing themselves to Korean Football Association President Jong Moon-joon (who's father owned Hyundai and who got busted for paying off North Korea to get them to have a summit meeting with South Korea about 5 years ago and so he decided he would commit suicide to save face).

Anyway a couple of rumours from the Footie Show.

Nigel Vagana (is a pussy the same as a vagana?) joining the Warriors after their (Cronulla's) recent dodgy form? They are denying he will be released.

And Monty Bethams agent mentioned he may be released from his Warriors contract to join another NRL club.


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