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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Black Caps Should Never Have Toured Zimbabwe 

Because lets face it, there's no way they should have test playing status.

We knock up 452 in 89 overs with our bloody number 8 hitting the fastest century (it's believed) in NZ test history.

As if that record means anything now, thanks to the pathetic opposition.

And then we skittle them twice so their batting reads 20 for 158 from 80 overs.

It's the equivalent of the All Blacks playing China and winning 180-6.

Their record is now 4 wins and 45 losses (excluding Bangladesh).

The 4 wins have been against India and Pakistan (2 each). Can you say matchfixing fast four times?

Now I know NZ had a similar crap record when we started out but there were stuff all teams to play back then so they had to let us in for a bit of variety. We don't need to do that that badly these days do we? And at least we got better, not worse.


I disagree. That we thrashed Zimbabwe doesn't really come into account as far as I am concerned. They actually had a reasonable side 2-3 years ago. How many times did the Black Caps get absolutely thumped during the mid 1990s (by an innings and 200+ runs) let alone during the 1940s etc.

If in 3 years Zimbabwe don't improve then they should lose test status, but once they have it it should be taken away so easily.

I also disagree (with Yamis) to the extent that Zimbabwe *could* have a reasonably competitive side if not for the political interventions and associated turmoil.

The side that had the Flower brothers and Streak was fairly decent for example ... I seem to recall New Zealand playing a test series there about 3(?) years ago, and both tests ending in draws. I think that may have been the first *series* Zimbabwe didn't lose??

Of course, the side we played then and the current pitiful collection aren't the same, but even so.

Like Dinkas says, we're dicked by somewhat similar margins on a fairly regular basis, especially in places like Pakistan and Australia ... albeit we only lose about 16 wickets in a day instead of 20.
It is also nice to have the Black Caps winning again as well. At least, we can bet Zimbabwe!

Yeah but at least NZ only loses by those sorts of margins to Australia.

Zimbabwe did it to NZ!!!!

I think it was our biggest ever margin of victory.

Their most recent results:
Lost to South Africa by an innings and 62 runs

Lost to SA by an innings and 21 runs

Lost to Sri Lanka by an innings and 240

Lost to Sri Lanka by an innings and 240 runs

I need to look into these fine results a bit further I think.

Surely there are grounds to temporarily suspend a side from having test match status.

Zimbabwe right now and for the foreseeable future are on a par with a club cricket team in NZ.
Lost to Australia by 9 wickets

Lost to Australia by an innings and 175 runs
93/94 things started to turn to custard for us. and fuck me did it last for a long time (we did throw the odd win and draw in there though)

drew the first test in aussie then lost by an innings and 222 in the second and the 3rd by an innings and 96.

Then in NZ lost to Pakistan by 5 wickets, an innings and 12 runs, before winning the third by 5 wickets.

We then drew with India in a one off test.

Lost by an innings and 90 in England, then drew with them, then drew again.

Then we went to South Africa where we won the first test and then famously lost the next two.

then in NZ drew with the Windies before losing by the trifling margin of an innings and 322 runs.

lost to South Africa by 93 runs at Eden Park.

lost to sri lanka by 241 runs and then drew the second test.

lost in india by 8 wickets and then drew the 2nd and 3rd tests.

lost to Pakistan.

Drew twice with Zimbabwe.

lost by 10 wickets to the Windies away then drew the 2nd test.

beat Pakistan in Pakistan before losing the 2nd test.

v England in NZ we then drew the first before losing the 2nd and 3rd tests.

thrashed Sri Lanka in both tests

drew both v Zimbabwe and then got rolled by Aussie in the series over there.

Man those were the days when it was awesome following NZ cricket!!!

How did we not kill ourselves?
Actually I remember the argument at the time that we should lose our test match status (we were actually arguing it).

We were bad but i can't help but think that this Zimbabwe side is much, much worse.
Politically we shouldn't have been there.

This test result just proves there was little of worth in it in cricket terms as well.

Thank god the ashes is on ... at least that's quality cricket.
Good detective work Yamis ... you should post your research up as a main entry. You're right that Zimbabwe are no better than a good club side right now ... *but less than 10 years ago we couldn't beat them over 4 tests, so there is (or at least was) plenty of potential for them.*

In any case looking back at the glory days when we were regularly whipped by an innings and then some (322 for Christ's sake!!) makes me think we can't really complain about a second test vs. Zimbabwe. If nothing else it's a chance for our more experienced guys to improve their crap averages from years gone by.
I'd like to see a two division system employed for cricket.

As more and more teams come up to the top flight it is going to get harder and harder to organise a meaningful international program.

Have 10 teams in the top division and 10 teams in the bottom. At the end of some arbitrary date one team comes up and one goes down (or two).

I'm not advocating abandoning Zimbabwe cricket, I'm just saying that it would be better for the game if they are playing sides around their level so they can actually learn to play 5 day cricket, learn to build partnerships, etc.

I'm sure they will come back and be competitive again in a few years but it seems as though we may as well be playing Canada or Kenya in test cricket if we are going to be playing Zimbabwe.

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