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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Who will they turn to? 

...asks Bennyasena, below, in reference to the media's need for a reliable, old fashioned "moral panic" commentator. Who will man the moral barricades in the the absence of the Rev. Graeme Capill? Who will protect societal values and right-thinking people? Who?

Never fear, journos everywhere, you can turn to none other than the Hon. Peter "Boring Git" Dunne. Here he is looking slightly manic after a night out with tobacco lobbyists and gaming industry representatives.

This sanctimonious moron, no doubt hoping to drag a few more Marc Alexanders and Larry Baldcocks back into the next Parliament with him, was back at it this morning, vowing to defend these Islands from the perils of cannabis, whatever the cost may be, and to fight Nandor on the beaches, in the fields and on the streets, for suggesting that possession of cannabis should not be a crime punishable by imprisonment.

Sadly, he wasn't quite Churchillian in his rhetoric. In fact he just resorted to the tired old cliches. Nandor's suggestion sends:

"the wrong message to children" (this logic could be used to criminalize sex ) ...

"at a time when the police and principals are warning of the perils of drugs" (until they find something else to instill fear about) ...

"what with methamphetamine and everything" (I see, and what's the link to cannabis here, other than that people like you have chosen to criminalize them both?)

How about we send children the message that adults are sovereign over their own bodies, and taxpayers' money will not be wasted on prosecuting and imprisoning people for smoking plant material they want to smoke? We should be teaching this shit in schools!

Right, time to head home, spice up my orange juice with whatever might be lying around, and settle in for a night with the morally upstanding employees of TVNZ.

"Right, time to head home, spice up my orange juice with whatever might be lying around, and settle in for a night with the morally upstanding employees of TVNZ."


As a possible health teacher in the future (though not something I'll teach if I can help it) I'll be assuming they are all on drugs and will be concentrating on education and not abstinence (which experience in NZ teaching has shown is a waste of time).

If you tell em' it's bad they'll do it to spite you. That's a fact with most 'at risk' children.

And those that are smart enough to make their own choices will probably play around with it a bit anyway.

The only losers from drugs are the ones that take them because of lack of knowledge, peer pressure or low self esteem or other personal problems.

The rest of drug takers are presumably quite sure of what they are doing and quite bloody happy about it.
Jesus Christ; check out United Future's best prime minister slide show at - it actually has a blatantly racist dig at Don Brash for having an Asian wife.

Complaints to the race relations commissioner anyone?

There'll be more said about this very shortly.

Man I'd like to put a burning petrol-soaked tyre around that prick Dunne's neck.
dope is for fucking losers
So you use dope to fuck losers?

Odd, but each to their own I suppose.
Well, perhaps it beats the time-honoured tradition of using alcohol to fuck losers.
Beer: helping "anonymous" people have sex since 1932.

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