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Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Sun also rises? 

In Ecuador news from the U.S. is usually a mix of business reports, famous people reports, and the odd odity that may arise from the white house. But sometimes the bits of humour leak through.

Opening the press yesterday I see that the U.S. wants to change daylight savings time, for reasons to do with energy conservation. I'm not entirely sure how that logic works, but what was hillarious was the following quote, courtesy of the CBC:

'U.S. farmers complained they would suffer because the amount of light animals receive adversely affects their mating cycles. '

Now, maybe I'm out to lunch here, but the actual amount of daylight hours doesn't change one bit, does it? It's just that the gullable humans are either awake or asleep through parts of them.

If farm animals are lucky enough to actualy be outside they'll still get up when the sun comes up, regardless when farmer jeb rolls out of bed.

Moreoever, the industrialized farming practices in the U.S. have fucked up animal's cycles so much that it wouldn't matter if the sun ever came up. The poor creatures who are confined to barns for their entire existance eat, shit and get pregnant without ever seeing the sun (this is mostly the case for hogs and chickens). Dairy cows are always pregnant, regardless of the season so they can keep the milk production up.

If George Bush could actually change the amount of daylight hours, that would be an impressive feat. If he could also invest in educating his country men in knowledge of basic science, that would be even a greater miracle I reckon.


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