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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Some Winners do Drugs 

Like all the leaders of our major political parties, who "do" alcohol. One of them is even well known for "doing" tobacco.

Like almost every notable sporting representative in our major codes, who enjoy nothing more than a beer or 17 after the game.

And like some of our celebrities in the worlds of TV and blogging. And as Russell Brown implies this morning, the only problem many fiendish users of those drugs deemed illegal is the risk of getting caught:
The slightly shocking truth is that recreational drug users can actually lead effective and successful lives. Unless, of course, they are actually caught.
The sooner we get the moralizing, retributive state off our backs in the area of recreational drug use the better ... we should criminalize only those behaviours (like drink-driving, for example) which pose a clear and manifest threat to the liberties of others.

P.S. Message to Don: the criminalization of cannabis is, in my view, a classic example of wasteful government spending. I eagerly await news of your policy to fund tax cuts by rationalizing the criminal law. Cheers.


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