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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My Two Cents 

All day all I've been hearing about this morning's sports stars who, oh my god, were using and possibly even selling drugs.

Has anyone spared a thought for the poor media - who will they turn to for their moral panic quotes now that Graham Capill is behind bars for fucking children? Even if it was consensual....

I'm sure the name suppression makes this drug story twice as intriguing - just as it did with Capill, well, that and the sucker punch he got.

Even the brilliant blogger Russell Brown was harping on about the not-so mysterious stars.

Still beats Brown's depression-inducing posts about computers and these fucking boring pricks.

Thank god the Kiwi blogosphere still has norightturn - shouldn't this guy be president or something?

Anyways, here's my two cents:


I'm sure anybody reading this will know who the folks are since it's being emailed everywhere and is through forums subtely (and not so in some cases).

But it's spells personell shake-ups in several shows.

anything to do with islands, quizs, sport analysis, ads for poor children and others I'm probably forgetting.

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