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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Getting the Bash 

We've wondered aloud before at bloggingitreal about the sanity of Labour MP John Tamihere.

For anybody who saw him last night on Prime shadow-boxing and talking tough about how he wanted to bash television reporter Duncan Garner, who outed him for taking a $195,000 golden handshake he had promised the public he wouldn't, there will be no more lingering doubt.

Tamihere is fucking nuts.

If I had been Tamihere I would have told the reporter that I'd been joking about boxing Garner - or the two politicians he named - because I knew they were cowards who would never step in the ring.

But he didn't, he acted out his tactics for each of the guys, hurled insults at them, and laughed off the Prime reporter's suggestions that it was inappropriate for sitting MPs to want to fight reporters who're just doing their jobs.

He finished the interview by saying something along the lines of "the boss ain't going to be happy when she sees this".

No shit Sherlock Holmes.

In saying this, I would definitely have watched Fight For life if Garner had agreed to the duel.

I wonder though if Tamihere side-show realises he's history come September and is just trying to attract as many headlines as possible before he becomes unnewsworthy?

Tamihere will be "gone by dinnertime" on election day. Farewell, so long, and don't bother us again.

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