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Friday, July 22, 2005

Drug Rumour Wheel 

Boy this thing is squashing a few people under it as it rolls on.

Fans of Carlotte Dawson and Lana Coc-Kroft can rest assured that they ARE NOT, I repeat ARE NOT involved in the three ring circus we have going on in NZ cyberspace.

However a new name has surfaced which cracks us up here at blogging it real. But since we don't feel like getting our site closed down we won't be sharing it. I think it's one of the names that will pop up at the trial but they won't be facing any charges.

Anyway, this saga has mean't we are getting hundreds of hits muhahaha. Although there was somebody who came after searching for "refridgerating spliffs". They might be better in the freezer but just make sure you thaw them out afterwards mate.

And before I forget. For those cheap bastards among us there's a NZ blog site which started recently giving advice on saving money about the home. Most of it is obvious crap and boy can the guy who does it get anal, but there's some good wee things that might take you 5 minutes to do and save you some buckaroos.


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