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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Contender Heats Up 

To use a TV advertising line there.

Here's the breakdown for latecomers and the likes of myself who have memories like a senile goldfish.

The Contender

Wednesday 27 July at 9.30pm

When challenged to a speed bag race, the contenders must fight to the finish for the right to choose who will battle it out in the ring.

During the fight, an accident in the ring will send one contender to the hospital [the educated guess would be Anthony who pulled a hamstring during last weeks challenge, but I'd be surprised if somebody would pick him to fight if he's still struggling and a hamstring pull isn't an injury which puts people in hospital, though a slow moving person who gets a right hook to the jaw might find themselves there].

Episode 10: Alfonso v Ahmed. Alfonso wins

Episode 9: Sergio v Ishe. Sergio wins. Ahmed voted back

Episode 8: Jimmy v. Joey. Joey wins. Juan leaves

Episode 7: Juan v. Tarick. Juan wins

Episode 6: Anthony v. Brent. Anthony wins

Episode 5: Peter v. Miguel. Peter wins

Episode 4: Sergio v. Najai. Sergio wins. Jeff leaves and Peter's voted back

Episode 3: Ishe v. Ahmed. Ishe wins.

Episode 2: Jesse v. Jonathan. Jesse wins.

Episode 1: Alfonso v. Peter. Alfonso wins.

About the Show

'Rocky' star Sylvester Stallone and six-time world boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard are on the search for America's next boxing sensation in The Contender.

The most gruelling reality competition of the year is about to begin. 16 professional boxers have gathered from the far corners of America to compete in a competition that will test their commitment, their perseverance and their determination. They are the world's most promising boxers and they all share one goal: to be the best boxer the world has ever seen.

Sylvester Stallone is joined by boxing icon Sugar Ray Leonard as hosts of The Contender. Each week, Stallone and Leonard will put the fighters through their paces at a gruelling training camp, where the men live, eat, sleep and train together.

At the conclusion of each episode, the men will compete in a five-round professional bout, where the winner moves one step closer to the one million dollar grand prize and the Contender title. In the action-packed season finale, the final two fighters will compete in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

The 6 that are left (who you can read more on here).

Anthony is a K-Mart supervisor and father of two.

28-year-old Jesse of Nevada is a country boy in the big smoke.

Joey is a lawyer with several degrees under his belt.

Mexican Alfonso has family faith on his side.

Peter, a happy go-lucky electrician, turns into Godzilla in the ring. Sergio, 'The Latin' Snake' is determined to leave his ghetto beginnings behind.

Join boxing legends Sylvester Stallone and Sugar Ray Leonard as they begin the search for the world's next champion in The Contender.

* Captions available on Teletext page 801 for Korean wives


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