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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Justice is served... 

The Court of Appeal has overturned an Auckland restaurateur's convictions for sex offences against four young men while they were under the influence of drugs. Phillip David Sturm had pleaded guilty to eight charges of supplying ecstasy and amphetamines and was found guilty by a jury on 10 sex charges. The High Court trial judge directed the jury to acquit Sturm on charges of stupefying the complainants. The Court of Appeal has accepted a Crown appeal against that direction. It also quashed his sex offence convictions. Sturm will face a new trial on both the sex and stupefying charges.

Good job.

You can't tell me guys in their 20s pop pills with an obviously gay guy accept rides in his Porsche around town and then go back to his apartment with him and expect nothing's going to happen.

And Christ he was giving them ecstacy and speed which are hardly fucking stupefying - try electrifying.


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