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Friday, May 20, 2005

NRL Round 11 

Apathy is sapping my interest in providing an in-depth quality blog of this round of the NRL - that and because this round's action is severely altered by next Wednesday's State of Origin.

The NZ Herald's Peter Jessup is on 36/70 while Bennyasena has lost the magic touch and is struggling on 37/70.

The good news is the Warriors ($1.20) will pick up another two competition points tomorrow - which will keep them in touch of the top half.

Sports TAB in Australia yesterday had $93,000 placed on Warriors compared to $180 backing the Rabbits.

The Rabbits ($4.20) haven't won a game at North Sydney Oval in 12 years - and their best four players are out.

OK here are the six games and the world famous Bennyasena versus Jessup picks for this weekend:

Eels vs Sea Eagles - Jessup Eels Bennyasena Sea Eagles

Storm vs Bulldogs - Jessup Storm Bennyasena Bulldogs
Knights vs Dragons - Jessup Dragons Bennyasena Knights
(I know the Knights are hopeless but the Dragons are without three of their key players)
Souths versus Warriors - Both Warriors

Tigers versus Raiders - Jessup Tigers Bennyasena Raiders
Panthers vs Sharks - Jessup and Bennyasena Panthers (Sharks are without Kimorley and without him they can't play)


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