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Monday, May 02, 2005

Visualizing NZ 

Amusing to see images from New Zealand appearing in this recent edition of FoundPhotos. It had to happen sooner or later I guess. The sign pointing to NZ's first cheese factory (or, in fact, to a field with sheep in it) is from right here in shitty old Dunedin. As is the fourth photo down with the woman on the beach.

Oh yes, and for a nice response to the latest deranged ramblings from Winston Peters, whose party seems to be beginning its inexorable pre-election rise (please, someone open the oven on this souffle), check out Tze Ming Mok. Wow, who'd have thought that Asians are a diverse bunch, some of whom own stores selling interesting food. Still, I imagine our Winston and his army of supporters are "meat and two veg" types.

It would be interesting to identify a NZF supporter and ask them the following question: name a NZF MP other than Winston Peters. I'm guessing you'd draw quite a few blanks. Maybe Ron Mark would get the occasional mention, but apart from that...


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