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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Kangaroos 32 Kiwis 16 

About the scoreline that people were suggesting though I'd venture to say that it flattered the Kangaroos just slightly. I didn't think they played that well and if they'd really put it together they could have really put the cleaners through us. We were missing half a dozen real class players that would have made a massive difference. The likes of Puleatua and Gulavao would have made a big difference on their own. And somebody like Lautiiti could have wreaked a bit of habit too.

Russell Smith didn't help matters. They were two bullshit penalties he gave Aussie in the first half against Nigel Vagana, both led to tries. The first for a forearm in the face which would imply that the players face is on his chest and how many times do we see forearms in chests in a game go unpenalised? And the second for him holding down Matt Sing when he simply pushed into an upright Vagana and fell over. Not to mention the blatant penalty try in the second half when Vagana simply had to catch the ball and he would have scored. If that wasn't a penalty try then they may as well change the rules and throw them out of the game altogether. So about 16 points right there. Not that we would have won of course but it probably would have prolonged the tightness of the game.

Anyway, if we can ever get our full strength side on the park (give or take a couple out through injury which is only natural) then we might actually have a fair contest. Aussie is always full strength and Great Britain are too. Unfortunately it's not often the case for us. It's always going to be like the Black Caps trying to win a test in Aussie only without half of their best players available (similar to this year).

In other news it's finally raining a bit and it means I don't have to water the natives I just planted down the bank after ripping out some of the wandering jew, privet, wild ginger and some other shit I don't know the name of that's infesting the council owned stream bank that my property backs on to.

God I hope they play a league game on the radio this afternoon. I swear to god that Murray Deaker is the worst sports radio host this country has ever heard/had. I can't even handle 5 minutes of him before hitting the off button and sitting in silence. Somehow he has the number one spot nailed down when there are complete novices who are more interesting/exciting to listen to. It's like Murray Mexted. How on earth can he get left on so long? He's an absolute rubbish talking dork who offers nothing to anybody who knows anything about the game. How about they have two commentaries going on two different channels? One for people with a brain and the other featuring Mexted?

Right, I'm off to research Korean soccer for the rest of the avo.


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