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Monday, May 02, 2005

NRL week 8 results and some other stuff... man. 

Brisbane 38 Manly 12 27514
Canterbury 30 Parramatta 16 24957
Melbourne 10 Cronulla 30 8372
North_Qld 38 Easts 18 22476
Warriors 14 Penrith 16 10989
Newcastle 10 Canberra 14 15868
St_Geo-Illa 40 Wests_Tigers 32 17567
Souths Bye

2005 season average: 17,943
2004: 14,836
2003: 14,632
2000: 14,446
1994: 14,215
1999: 14,005
1995: 13,918
1993: 13,654
2001: 13,329
2002: 13,157

Passed the 1 million mark from 56 games

And on a totally different note I'd like to emphasise what Tze Ming Mok touched on in her latest post which dc_red linked to below and I do here.

Asians have about as much in common as a Frenchman and a Greek do so to constantly lump them into the same pot is a bit pathetic. I mean what kind of takeover could it be when most of the Asian faces out there would have more trouble communicating with each other than you or I (assuming you are a honky) would with any of them.

My wife is Korean and she has about as much in common with any Asian outside her country as a goat does with a hippopotamus. I mean they both have 4 legs and eat grass and other shit but they don't speak the same language, eat often very different food, probably fought and killed each other at some stage and have very different clothing and customs. Actually I'm not sure that hippos and goats did ever kill each other but they do definately wear different clothes.

I also feel a census posting coming on soon enough too.


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