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Monday, May 23, 2005

Living in our own filth 

Or in other people's filth, in the case of walking through the detritous left by this weekend's scarfie parties ... burnt-out couches (which attracted the firefighters, who were in turn pelted with bottles, etc), broken glass, vomit, garbage and broken garbage bags. Where they get all the couches for burning is something of a mystery ... like everything else, second-hand couches are expensive, and we're looking forward to selling our own dunger for $350 when the time comes to leave.

On to the slightly more important topic of global warming: before watching the upcoming documentary featuring "former environmentalist" David Bellamy, decrying wind farms, it might pay to read the following Monbiot articles Junk Science and A Different Kind of Revolution. Bellamy now promotes the kind of patent nonsense and misinformation normally associated with creationists.


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