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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Cuba's right to say "no!" 

The western media is telling us that Cuba is banning foreigners, considering that it told two Polish citizens to go home yesterday. These two guys were asked to leave Cuba as they were participating in an anti-Castro demonstration. This demonstration was principally organized by foreigners for the sole purpose of generating discontent against the Cuban government. Let’s put this in perspective. A group of foreigners come into a country and attempt to generate discontent for the purpose of overthrowing an elected – that’s right – an elected government.

What would happen if tomorrow a group of Iranians protested on the doorstep of the Capitol in Washington D.C. demonstrating for the overthrow of the George W. Bush? Would there be a reaction? Damn right there would. So before the western press barks that Cuba is banning foreigners, maybe they should consider the reality of the situation. Let's get this straight, when foriegn protesters show up in Cuba calling for "democracy," it equates into the removal of their head of state, and the upheaval of their civic infrastructure so that it would promote western business interests before local interests. It is blatant disrespect for Cuban nationhood.

Perspective matters a great deal when discussing issues such as this. From the perspective of the western media these people were “working to oppose the Castro regime.” And yet, from the perspective of Cubans they were “attempting to oust the government.” Important that difference in words, from “Castro regime” to “government.” When we picture Cuba as the Castro regime, we drum up false images of an abusive state, and some sort of repression. But when we acknowledge that Cuba has a working civic government, we are forced to approach it as a normal nation-state, something that the western press is incapable of doing.

Why the world fails to acknowledge that Cuba has a functioning government, one that is elected, has a judiciary, and enjoys a democratic bottom up system, is beyond me. Instead the west, self-loaded with confidence in its own system and vices takes every opportunity it can to dream up radical accusations at Cuba. This small nation has been under consistent bombardment from the U.S. – politically and militarily. And yet as Cuba makes every effort to promote human security in Latin America and Africa, the west can only find time to overlook these accomplishments with twisted accusations of human rights abuse and a totalitarian state.

When foreigners come to Cuba and start preaching that Fidel Castro should die, and the socialist state be absolved, it is no different than a group of Americans coming to Canada urging for absolution of parliament, or say a pack of Aussies going to New Zealand crying for succession.

Good fake web site man, love the jokes ! Elected LOL.
See, this is what you're up against here. Complete ignorance. The Asamblea Nacional de Poder Popular has 601 elected representatives. The last public election was in 2003, and this year will see another election. Senior posts are chosen from within the assembly much like a Prime Minister appointing his cabinet.
Nothing quite like a rigorous fact-inspired argument is there....

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