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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Come one, come all, just leave your apples 

The incumbent New Zealand Government is quick to highlight its contribution to this country's biosecurity.

Agriculture Minister Jim Sutton will often point to our $200 instant fines at our international airports - for not declaring plant or animal products - and which have caught out several rather high-profile tourists.

How you like them apples Hillary?

I was watching Border Patrol the other week and a 19-year-old Spaniard coming to New Zealand to learn English for a year was searched at, I think, Christchurch Airport.

As the search progressed the young Spaniard got increasingly pissed-off but Customs was onto him and managed to find.........crumbs of cannabis in the crevasses of his back-pack.

The camera dramatically zoomed in to focus on the specs of pot as the Custom's officials eagerly swept the crumps into an evidence bag.

The kid fessed up and said that he smoked spliffs regularly and, stupidly, admitted to an immigration official that he would probably have a toke if offered one while in the land of the long white cloud.

That was it, he would commit an offence while in New Zealand, and the student was put on the next flight home.

Top work New Zealand customs/immigration, the public is much safer for your work.

Yet while immigration and customs are busy detecting specs of cannabis in tourists' bags former senior members of Saddam Hussein's government are being waved through the nothing to declare isle.

Well no, that's not exactly true, it turns out he did declare his Iraqi connections but immigration just fucked it up.
He [Winston Peters] described the man as one of the jailed Iraqi dictator’s Government ministers. Immigration Minister Paul Swain yesterday revoked the man’s visitor’s permit and said he must leave as soon as possible. He admitted the man had arrived on an Iraqi passport in the middle of last year and applied for permanent residency soon after. The man also had his visitor’s permit extended during his stay, meaning officials had two opportunities to examine his connections. The man declared on his application form that he had been a diplomat for Saddam’s Government, but this was overlooked by the Immigration Service. Mr Swain would not name the man for privacy reasons but it is known he arrived in New Zealand with his wife and has family already living here. He is thought to be living in Auckland.

Enough said.

On the brighter side of things, this guy deserves a DB.


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