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Friday, April 29, 2005

For You and Not Me 

Star Wars is going to be made into a TV series apparently. It will be set in the period between the soon to be finished 3rd movie and the 4th movie.

For those who don't know there are also about 50+ books which have come out in the last decade or so which continue the adventures of all the main characters from the story. Leia and Han get married have twins plus one other, they have the force, blow things up, fight bad guys, but in the books I've read they never take a dump or shag at all. Chewbacca dies at some stage as well but he's got a son of course who basically does what he did (rip peoples arms off).


And in Korea the kids are reprazentn'. It's amazing how much the internet enables people to network to do cool shit...
Police have detected the largest-ever school gang in Seoul with its members consisting of more than 300 students from 94 middle and high schools.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said Wednesday that it detected the organized school gang, "Seoul Yonhap (Seoul Association)," comprised of 307 students from 29 smaller gangs in 94 schools and urged them to voluntarily disband.

The detection came amid a police crackdown on school gangs since last month. As violence and crimes among school gangs, well known as ``Iljinhoi,'' are getting worse, the government and law enforcement authorities have launched an intensive investigation and are encouraging gang members to voluntarily report to police...

To decide the ranking among the small groups, they selected a student from each group and made them fight each other, with the winners positioned at a higher rank, according to police.

On a senior member's special day such as the 100th day that the senior has gone out with a girlfriend or a boyfriend, junior members paid a certain amount of money to the senior.

Seniors also beat juniors to prevent them from leaving the gang or making them obey the seniors, police said. They also took money from ordinary students, as senior members ordered juniors to raise a certain amount of money within a period of time.

In February 2004, when four high school members reportedly ordered middle school members to collect 500,000 won, one of the juniors stole the money from his parents. Another student also paid 2 million won to seniors, which he also stole from his parents.

They also gathered at bars, which were rented out for parties, seven times in three years with 100-700 students participating. They paid for the parties by forcing their members and ordinary students to buy party tickets.

King Carlos is off to Northampton or some other crap side from the northern hemisphere. Do they have any of their own decent players up there? I saw we find somebody rich to buy the 30 best British players and play them in NZ club rugby.


I've made my picks for this weeks NRL round (currently I'm on 25 from 49 so this round will either see me slitting my wrists or just barely staying ahead of the 50% success mark, and I'm scared of what Bennyasena might be on right now... 30?)...

Broncos(10) v Sea Eagles (12)
Storm(8) v Sharks (10)
Bulldogs (6) v Eels (8)
Cowboys (10) v Roosters (6)
Warriors (8) v Panthers (6)
Knights (2) v Raiders (10)
Tigers (8) v Dragons (4)
Rabbitohs bye


The NRL seasopn 2005 is now averaging 17,900 which is on target to smack the crap out of the previous record averages. It seems a few years of soilidity and having a good quality product are really starting to pay off and with some good management it may be able to crack the 20,000 mark by about 2010. They definately need to introduce one new team for 2007 though and look to introduce two more by 2012 by the absolute latest. And the Rabbitohs should be told that if they come last for the 4th straight year that they can take a walk.


And what is wrong with the Japanese? Why can't they apologise for invading half of Asia and chopping peoples heads off, torturing and raping women and children and generally being a complete pack of cunts for god knows how long?

Yes it did happen and yes it was probably a damn sight worse than a lot of what the Germans did so the world should place some bloody pressure on them like the Chinese and Koreans often do to admit that it fucking happened and they can damn well say sorry and teach their kids what they really did rather than some waffly shit which focussed on the few 'positives' that came out of their invasions and occupations and has left millions of Japanese not having a fucking clue what they did.

Imagine if Germany refused to teach anything to do with World War 2 and half the country didn't even know what happened. Well that's what goes on half a world away.


And allow me to go out on the useless stats of the week.

Warriors have played 246 games for 114 wins, 4 draws and 128 losses.

Their home record is 120 games, 68 wins, 1 draw and 51 losses.

The Panthers have played 422 away games for 137 wins, 7 draws and 278 losses.

And good evening, thanks for having me and drink all you want just don't piss in a bar or hotel lobby or pass out in front of a petrol station or beat your pregnant wife or drag her back into your house, or pack rape anybody, or take drugs or blame your team mates for not passing you the ball (or is that spliff?).


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