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Friday, April 29, 2005

For You and Not Me 

Star Wars is going to be made into a TV series apparently. It will be set in the period between the soon to be finished 3rd movie and the 4th movie.

For those who don't know there are also about 50+ books which have come out in the last decade or so which continue the adventures of all the main characters from the story. Leia and Han get married have twins plus one other, they have the force, blow things up, fight bad guys, but in the books I've read they never take a dump or shag at all. Chewbacca dies at some stage as well but he's got a son of course who basically does what he did (rip peoples arms off).


And in Korea the kids are reprazentn'. It's amazing how much the internet enables people to network to do cool shit...
Police have detected the largest-ever school gang in Seoul with its members consisting of more than 300 students from 94 middle and high schools.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said Wednesday that it detected the organized school gang, "Seoul Yonhap (Seoul Association)," comprised of 307 students from 29 smaller gangs in 94 schools and urged them to voluntarily disband.

The detection came amid a police crackdown on school gangs since last month. As violence and crimes among school gangs, well known as ``Iljinhoi,'' are getting worse, the government and law enforcement authorities have launched an intensive investigation and are encouraging gang members to voluntarily report to police...

To decide the ranking among the small groups, they selected a student from each group and made them fight each other, with the winners positioned at a higher rank, according to police.

On a senior member's special day such as the 100th day that the senior has gone out with a girlfriend or a boyfriend, junior members paid a certain amount of money to the senior.

Seniors also beat juniors to prevent them from leaving the gang or making them obey the seniors, police said. They also took money from ordinary students, as senior members ordered juniors to raise a certain amount of money within a period of time.

In February 2004, when four high school members reportedly ordered middle school members to collect 500,000 won, one of the juniors stole the money from his parents. Another student also paid 2 million won to seniors, which he also stole from his parents.

They also gathered at bars, which were rented out for parties, seven times in three years with 100-700 students participating. They paid for the parties by forcing their members and ordinary students to buy party tickets.

King Carlos is off to Northampton or some other crap side from the northern hemisphere. Do they have any of their own decent players up there? I saw we find somebody rich to buy the 30 best British players and play them in NZ club rugby.


I've made my picks for this weeks NRL round (currently I'm on 25 from 49 so this round will either see me slitting my wrists or just barely staying ahead of the 50% success mark, and I'm scared of what Bennyasena might be on right now... 30?)...

Broncos(10) v Sea Eagles (12)
Storm(8) v Sharks (10)
Bulldogs (6) v Eels (8)
Cowboys (10) v Roosters (6)
Warriors (8) v Panthers (6)
Knights (2) v Raiders (10)
Tigers (8) v Dragons (4)
Rabbitohs bye


The NRL seasopn 2005 is now averaging 17,900 which is on target to smack the crap out of the previous record averages. It seems a few years of soilidity and having a good quality product are really starting to pay off and with some good management it may be able to crack the 20,000 mark by about 2010. They definately need to introduce one new team for 2007 though and look to introduce two more by 2012 by the absolute latest. And the Rabbitohs should be told that if they come last for the 4th straight year that they can take a walk.


And what is wrong with the Japanese? Why can't they apologise for invading half of Asia and chopping peoples heads off, torturing and raping women and children and generally being a complete pack of cunts for god knows how long?

Yes it did happen and yes it was probably a damn sight worse than a lot of what the Germans did so the world should place some bloody pressure on them like the Chinese and Koreans often do to admit that it fucking happened and they can damn well say sorry and teach their kids what they really did rather than some waffly shit which focussed on the few 'positives' that came out of their invasions and occupations and has left millions of Japanese not having a fucking clue what they did.

Imagine if Germany refused to teach anything to do with World War 2 and half the country didn't even know what happened. Well that's what goes on half a world away.


And allow me to go out on the useless stats of the week.

Warriors have played 246 games for 114 wins, 4 draws and 128 losses.

Their home record is 120 games, 68 wins, 1 draw and 51 losses.

The Panthers have played 422 away games for 137 wins, 7 draws and 278 losses.

And good evening, thanks for having me and drink all you want just don't piss in a bar or hotel lobby or pass out in front of a petrol station or beat your pregnant wife or drag her back into your house, or pack rape anybody, or take drugs or blame your team mates for not passing you the ball (or is that spliff?).

NRL Round 8 

Bronco's vs Sea Eagles: Bennyasena Sea Eagles NZ Herald's Peter Jessup Broncos

Storm vs Sharks: Both Storm

Cowboys vs Roosters: Both Cowboys

Bulldogs vs Eels: Bennyasena Eels Jessup Bulldogs

Warriors vs Panthers: both Warriors

Knights vs Raiders: (The Herald has Jessup picking Manly in this one?? Typo. He normally goes with the favourite so I'll say Knights.) Bennyasena Knights too

Tigers vs Dragons: Jessup Tigers Bennyasena Dragons

No more commentary as work's finished early and i'm now officialy a free man for the next 48 odd hours!!!!!

But if you want a bet back Manly with the 8.5 start ($1.87) tonight. Heaps of the Broncos are injured and they've one only 3 of their last 15 hight matches at home - the biggest winning margin in those 3 was six can't lose.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Isn't it ironic don't you think? 

Commuting home from work yesterday I saw my first real-life Bush/Cheney 2004 presidential campaign bumper sticker.

The driver, I suppose, could be commended for backing a winner but what cracked me up is that it was on the back of a Citroen - class.

Sticking with auto related news BP has just announced its profits in the last quarter have risen 29% to just shy of $5.5 billion.

At New Zealand pumps prices - in urban areas - have remained stagnant at $1.29.5 for unleaded 91 since the beginning of April, in which time the price of international oil has dropped from US$57 a barrel to just above US$53.

Strange then that the Kiwi consumer hasn't seen a decrease in the price at the pump during April - considering it takes about 24 hours for the petrol giants to pass on international oil price increases to their customers.

Oh, maybe that explains the 29% profit increase.

If the Habour Bridge had a cycle lane....

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Calling a rat a rat 

Now this is good sports journalism, the Sunday Star Times (SST) is simply tearing into that dodgy prick Mick Watson!

As mentioned before on this blog, Watson is ripping the heart and soul out of the Warriors and he must be axed before we lose any more.

Anyway, here are some extracts from the SST story and sport editorial:
An Australian, Watson is an interesting customer.
He appears to relish playing games with the media, which he seems to regard as an inferior being, despite covertly courting several of its members who obligingly present his spin on all matters on a weekly basis.
Those who co-operate are "rewarded" with "exclusives". Hence Stacey Jones is only made available to compliant media rather than those who are asking the tough questions on behalf of the fans.
Instead, those media outlets are now being blamed for Jones's departure.
Supposedly, the reporters who follow the Warriors' rollercoaster fortunes are actually the real reason why he doesn't want to stay in New Zealand. Others aren't so sure. Unfortunately, because of a ban on questions directed at Jones last Thursday, we haven't been able to ask him to elaborate on the reasons he gave in his prepared statement - a statement coincidentally issued on a day when the bulk of the country's rugby league media were in Brisbane covering the build-up to the Anzac test against Australia.
And nailing jelly to a wall is easier than getting a straight answer from Watson.
There's a smell coming out of Ericsson Stadium and it is becoming more repugnant with the exit of every Kiwi player from the club, increasingly for Australian players. As the straight-shooting ex-Kiwi Dean Lonergan said on radio during the week: "What is it about the culture of this club that their franchise players all want to get out?"
Club sources in England have told the Sunday Star-Times they have fielded calls from other players who want out of the NRL franchise.

How good is the 'nailing jelly to a wall' quote?
Here's more from reporters Michael Donaldson and Steve Kilgallon:
The Warriors came in wearing black. Stacey Jones, Monty Betham and media man Richard Becht were dressed for a funeral.
Nathan Fien was in his training kit, looking lost and uncertain of what was going on.
Chief executive Mick Watson wore a dark beige jacket - a colour that wouldn't show too much dirt.
Becht spoke, Watson spoke, Jones read his script.
Uncertainty was revealed with the downcast eyes, the bitten bottom lip, the dry swallows.
Occasionally, as he read, a tight smile spread across his lips - embarrassment at reading aloud in public, or embarrassment at what he was reading?

But wait there's more:
Warrick Anderson, a noted coach whose son Vinnie was marched out of the south Auckland club earlier this year, can't fathom the decision-making at the club which has allowed the likes of Ali Lauitiiti, Vinnie Anderson, Thomas Leuluai, Logan Swann and now Jones to leave the club.
"A logical person would not be able to figure it out," Anderson told the Sunday Star-Times. "To let someone like Ali go and then let someone like Vinnie go when you've got no back-up centres - there's no rhyme or reason to it.
"Obviously I've got connections with Vinnie but if you step back and have look at it from a coaching perspective it's just such a dumb move for this season. They're struggling for halfbacks and yet they're going to let Stacey go.
"Some of the decisions Mick Watson is making are over the top."
Jones said in his statement it was his choice to go to France.
Anderson, for one, is not so sure. "They get shoved, mate, for sure. There's definitely a shove in there. Ali was shoved big time."

What are Steve Kilgallon's chances of getting an exclusive now?

Interestingly in the print edition - not avaliable online - the SST also took the piss out of Warriors PR slut Richard Becht, who continues to write match reports and provide league commentary without disclosing his vested interest, and just one year ago was the Sunday Star Times league reporter.


Saturday, April 23, 2005

Kangaroos 32 Kiwis 16 

About the scoreline that people were suggesting though I'd venture to say that it flattered the Kangaroos just slightly. I didn't think they played that well and if they'd really put it together they could have really put the cleaners through us. We were missing half a dozen real class players that would have made a massive difference. The likes of Puleatua and Gulavao would have made a big difference on their own. And somebody like Lautiiti could have wreaked a bit of habit too.

Russell Smith didn't help matters. They were two bullshit penalties he gave Aussie in the first half against Nigel Vagana, both led to tries. The first for a forearm in the face which would imply that the players face is on his chest and how many times do we see forearms in chests in a game go unpenalised? And the second for him holding down Matt Sing when he simply pushed into an upright Vagana and fell over. Not to mention the blatant penalty try in the second half when Vagana simply had to catch the ball and he would have scored. If that wasn't a penalty try then they may as well change the rules and throw them out of the game altogether. So about 16 points right there. Not that we would have won of course but it probably would have prolonged the tightness of the game.

Anyway, if we can ever get our full strength side on the park (give or take a couple out through injury which is only natural) then we might actually have a fair contest. Aussie is always full strength and Great Britain are too. Unfortunately it's not often the case for us. It's always going to be like the Black Caps trying to win a test in Aussie only without half of their best players available (similar to this year).

In other news it's finally raining a bit and it means I don't have to water the natives I just planted down the bank after ripping out some of the wandering jew, privet, wild ginger and some other shit I don't know the name of that's infesting the council owned stream bank that my property backs on to.

God I hope they play a league game on the radio this afternoon. I swear to god that Murray Deaker is the worst sports radio host this country has ever heard/had. I can't even handle 5 minutes of him before hitting the off button and sitting in silence. Somehow he has the number one spot nailed down when there are complete novices who are more interesting/exciting to listen to. It's like Murray Mexted. How on earth can he get left on so long? He's an absolute rubbish talking dork who offers nothing to anybody who knows anything about the game. How about they have two commentaries going on two different channels? One for people with a brain and the other featuring Mexted?

Right, I'm off to research Korean soccer for the rest of the avo.

Friday, April 22, 2005

ANZAC Test and NRL Round 7 

The ability of to malfunction and delete my posts on a Friday is beginning to almost feel personal.

Anyways, Take 3.

This from Graham Lowe this morning on tonight's ANZAC Test.
The English Super League is no longer a mediocre competition targeted by over-the-hill Australians and New Zealanders who can't make the NRL. The football is fast, slick, creative and tough! By ignoring some of the outstanding New Zealand talent in the competition, Anderson has done himself a disservice. And the exclusion of Ali Lauitiiti from the Kiwi lineup is nothing short of astounding. I'd rate it as something like Wayne Bennett leaving Darren Lockyer out of the Australian side. At this time New Zealand has arguably the two most damaging and creative attacking second-rowers in the world. One, Sonny Bill Williams is out injured; the other, Ali Lauitiiti can't even make the squad of 17. That's a joke.

Couldn't agree more!

The Kiwis are worth a punt at $5 at our TAB (Kangaroo's $1.15) but this is how the Aussies are betting:
Australia are tipped to trounce the Kiwis in Friday night's Test match in Brisbane. TAB Sportsbet punters have launched into the Aussies to score a runaway win, confident that they will crush the visitors by more than the 15.5-point handicap.
TAB Sportsbet has taken bets of $7000, $6500 and $6000 on Australia giving up 15.5 points start at $1.85.
Bill Hurley's spokesman, Larry Hawke, also reported plenty of interest in an Australian victory, saying punters were keen to back them at the handicap.
"We have Australia at $1.90 conceding 16.5 points start and the punters are happy to take that," Hawke said.

And now, da da da, this weekend's NRL games and the world-famous Bennyasena versus NZ Herald's Peter Jessup's picks.

Eels versus Tigers: Jessup and Bennyasena Eels
Panthers vs Cowboys: both Panthers
Sharks vs Broncos: Jessup Sharks Bennyasena Broncos
Raiders versus Storm: Jessup Storm Bennyasena Raiders
Knights versus Bulldogs: both Bulldogs
Sea Eagles versus Rabbits: both Sea Eagles
Roosters versus Dragons: both Roosters

To date, with four wins both in round 6, Bennyasena leads on 25/42 with Jessup trailing on 21/42.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Stacy's Career by the Numbers 

So far of course. He'll add a fair bit to it hopefully.

1995 Warriors 5 tries 9/16
1996 Warriors 6 tries
1997 Warriors 7 tries
1998 Warriors 6 tries 1/3
1999 Warriors 15 tries 5/11
2000 Warriors 3 tries 19/25 (missed a lot through injury)
2001 Warriors 10 tries 23/28
2002 Warriors 9 tries 6/9
2003 Warriors 3 tries 29/42
2004 Warriors 6 tries 15/18
2005 Warriors 2 tries 24/32

72 tries
131 from 185
70.81 percent success rate
10 field goals (6 won or sealed games)
561 points

Unfortunately I can't find a breakdown of how many games he played each season so if anybody knows where I can get that kind of info I'd be much obliged.

Stacey's Gone...cheers Mick 

Stacey Jones has announced he's leaving the Warriors at the end of the season.

“There’s been a lot of speculation about my future lately,” he said. “I couldn’t say anything about it before because discussions were still going on about my plans to join UTC next year. “Now I’ve agreed to terms I asked the club to bring this announcement forward so I can get on with putting all my efforts into playing my best football for the Warriors. “I love the Warriors and I always will. I’m a life member and I’m really proud of that after being here since the club started in 1995. “Being a Warrior has always been really important to me but there comes a time when you know yourself that you need a change.” Jones said he started the process of requesting a release several months ago. “Right at the start of our off-season I sat down with Mick to talk about my plans,” he said. “It had been on my mind for quite a while to look at finishing up in the NRL at the end of 2005 so I told Mick I would put everything I had into the off-season, play one more year and then I’d like to move on. “I thought it was time for someone else to come in and there are plenty of players here who will step up. “I told Mick I thought my time was up in the NRL and that I wanted to move on to another opportunity and a change of lifestyle. “Asking for a release is always a special case and I really appreciate the help Mick has given me with this and with putting my deal together with UTC.”
Intersting how many times the name Mick appears in these comments isn't it.

Mick has now overseen the departure of Ivan Cleary, Kevin Campion, Ali Lauitititi, Logan Swan, Shontayne Hoppe, Vinnie Anderson, Thomas Leuluai...and now he can add the life and soul of the club Stacey Jones to that list too.

The Warriors players absolutely fucking despise chief executive Mick Watson...I wonder if that's one of the reasons Stacey's leaving?

This sums up my thoughts on Mick.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Carlos going to sign for the Warriors? 

Rumours in the last few days that Carlos Spencer has been looking at an offer from Mr. Watson at Warriors HQ.

I'd doubt very much that he would look at signing with them though it adds a bit more dirt for the mix with the halves situation there. Currently they have Stacy Jones, Lance Hohaia and Jerome Ropati in those possies with rumours that Jones may be getting the dunt to Europe with Anthony Mundine lined up as a possible replacement. They've also got Nathan Fien who can cover those spots if push comes to shove as well.

I don't think Spencer would do well to look at the Warriors offer more than once for these reasons:
1) He would actually have to learn to tackle if he played League.
2) He would get more money if he went to the UK.
3) He would look better playing rugby in the UK since he already knows how to play the game.
4) He could be lazy there and just kick all the time and run once a game.

Meanwhile Andrew Merthens has come out and angrily denied that he is going to sign for the Harlequins next year.

And who is coming here after doing a google search for "lesbin sex groups"? Try 'LESBIAN sex groups' instead mate. And then let me know how you get on. Also what's with guys (I assume) constantly finding their way here after looking for pictures of NRL players girlfriends? The latest ones are Luke Ricketson's and Chris Flannery's. Also somebody was searching for "Brad Fittler fucked". I'm not sure what the hell they were after and they can keep it to themselves as well.

Monday, April 18, 2005

NRL Week 6 Wrap-up 

I went fishing yesterday afternoon thinking the Warriors game was live on Prime at 6 and turned up at my parents at about 5:30 to pick something up only to find the second half was starting and we were getting done 20-6. That's what I thought might happen given the players coming back for the Knights, their first game at Marathon Stadium with the new stand, Johns giving his players a serve during the week and a bumper crowd turing out.

So I head for home wondering what the final score might end up and got a shock which sent me skipping down the hallway to watch the DELAYED broadcast on Prime. Good to see what a difference Monty Betham makes. ie. fuck all. All it means is some decent forward like Villasanti has a chance to step up and play like a man instead of a "fairy puff" as Peter Peters called him recently.

Anyway, here's the stats:
Canterbury 16 Roosters 29 (27,111)
Cowboys 44 Wests Tigers 20 (20,361)
Melbourne 14 Parramatta 26 (9,649)
Rabbitohs 6 Penrith 36 (11,108)
Newcastle 26 Warriors 30 (18,173)
St Geo-Illa 24 Brisbane 34 (17,287)
Sea Eagles 36 Canberra (17,061)

Season Ave: 17,639 (2004:14,836, 2003:14,632, 2002:13,157)

Top Points
68 Clinton Schifcofske
56 Preston Campbell
56 Stacy Jones

7 Billy Slater
7 Rhys Wesser
5 Steven Bell, Shaun Berrigan, Leon Bott, Ryan Cross, Matt King, Matt Orford, Matt Sing, Jason Smith, Brent Tate, Paul Whatuira
4 Todd Byrne (top Warrior)

25 Clinton Schifcofske
24 Stacy Jones
22 Preston Campbell

225 Nathan Hindmarsh
214 David Stagg
206 Glenn Morrison

164 Wairangi Koopu (top Warrior at 19th on the list)

23 Craig Fitzgibbon
18 Ryan Cross
18 Shannon Hegarty
18 Carl Webb

15 Clinton Toopi (top Warrior in 8th
13 Awen Guttenbeil (11th)
12 Sione Faumuina (16th)

69 Joe Williams
58 Matt Orford
55 Andrew Johns

51 Stacy Jones (7th)

Try Assists
7 Tim Smith
7 Johnathon Thurston
6 Brett Kimmorley
6 John Morris

3 Stacy Jones (14th)

Line Breaks
9 Steve Bell
9 Rhys Wesser
8 Billy Slater

5 Clinton Toopi (9th)

107 Paul Rauhihi
104 Rhys Wesser
103 Steve Price

Metres Gained
1098 Rhys Wesser
1016 Steve Price
972 Clinton Schifcofske

The Warriors went into the last round sitting in 8th spot, won their game and found themselves in 9th spot which is a bit odd but down to points for and against. With the two points this round for the bye they should move up to about 7th but it's 'tighter than a nun's...(how does that line finish up?).

Table with teams I think will make the playoffs bolded...
10 Raiders
10 Sea Eagles
10 Sharks
who would have believed those three?
8 Cowboys
8 Broncos
8 Tigers (what the?!)
6 Storm
6 Panthers
6 Warriors
6 Roosters
6 Eels
4 Rabbitohs
4 Bulldogs
2 Dragons
2 Knights
(Can't believe the bottom 3 sides, well the Knights were no real surprise but the other two?)

This weekends draw:
Eels v Tigers
Panthers v Cowboys
Sharks v Broncos
Raiders v Storm
Knights v Bulldogs
Sea Eagles v Rabbitohs
Roosters v Dragons

Friday, April 15, 2005

Better late 

than never.

I've had a brutal week with 5 assignments due in the last three days. Don't know how I got them done but I did, and I may even pass some of them. Yeah Right.

A few stats from the NRL heading into round 5.

Last Week attendances:
Penrith 36 Melbourne 16

Cronulla 38 North_Qld 6

St Geo-Illa 32 Manly 6

Wests_Tigers 24 Warriors 6

Brisbane 54 Parramatta 14

Canberra 24 Easts 16 Bruce

Souths 37 Newcastle 12

Season average to date 17,717

That was the biggest crowd at Canberra since the final round of 2003 when they lost to the Roosters in a match which would have seen them take second spot. Instead they lost, then lost at home in week one of the playoffs to the Storm and then lost to the Warriors by a point 17-16 at the Sydney Football Stadium. Ah, those were the days...

Top Point Scorers
62 Clinton Schifcofske Rapists
54 Luke Covell Sprats
50 Stacey Jones Warriors
46 Josh Hannay Cowgirls
44 Preston Campbell Pussy cats
42 Matt Orford rain clouds
42 Joe Williams Bunnies
42 Darren Lockyer Ponies
40 Brett Hodgson Pussies
38 Hazem El Masri Dirty Bastards

Childish huh.

7 Billy Slater (this guy is magic to watch)
6 Rhys Wesser (read above)
and then one million people on 4 tries.

The Warriors have 5 players on 2 tries which I think highlights one of their problems. Right now (and last year) they don't have any try scoring backs. By that I mean somebody who will almost score a try a week.

Clinton Toopi's career tries per year, 1, 11, 18, 17, 3, 2 (this year)
Francis Meli, 2, 11, 6, 23, 10, 0

There are some huge differences there and it can't all be down to the forwards not laying a platform, or the inside backs laying on great plays.

Some of it has to be them having physical problems (losing speed) or not using themselves right.

Right, that's me.

Courtroom chaos 

There's more drama in Indonesia in the very strange marijuana in the boogie board case case ... including two lead defence attorneys mysteriously being called away on other business ... all the while John Howard makes the following statement. Is he serious? You "have to have" faith in Indonesian justice? There's a Tui billboard for you.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister, John Howard, said he hoped that justice would be done in the case, and that she was treated "fairly and decently".

"We have to have faith in the Indonesian justice system because that's the system that's trying her," he said.

"We must respect the processes of the Indonesian justice system."

Round 6 and the Berryman debacle continued 

Tonight: Bulldogs v Roosters
Telstra Stadium

Bennyasena and Jessup Bulldogs

Rabbitohs v Panthers
Aussie Stadium

Bennyasena and Jessup Panthers (NRL.coms tip of the week is for the bunnies to win by 12 and under)

Cowboys v Wests Tigers
Dairy Farmers Stadium

Bennyasena and Jessup: Cowboys

Storm v Eels
Olympic Park

Bennyasena and Jessup Storm

Sunday: Knights v Warriors
Energy Stadium Australia

Bennyasena and Jessup Warriors

Dragons v Broncos
WIN Stadium

Bennyasena Broncos Jessup Dragons

Sea Eagles v Raiders
Brookvale Oval

Jessup Sea Eagles Bennyasena Raiders

Last week we both scored three.

After five rounds Jessup the NZ Herald's league reporter and tipster is sitting on 17/35 and Bennyasena is on 21/35.

Still we're beating these muppets, interesting to see the Sydney Morning Herald's two most prominent reporters are sitting on 16/35 and 14/35...cheer up Yamis.

The Warriors ($2) desperately need to roll the Knights ($1.75) this weekend and perhaps having Monty Betham suspended for six weeeks will give the team a wake up call.

I've kindly been fowarded some of Hugh de Lacy's articles from the NBR covering the Berryman scandal.

Here are some extracts:

January 21, 2005

[Then Minister of Defence Max] Bradford told the National Business Review this week that the first he heard of the Butcher Report was when he read about it in the paper last month.
He said he had called for an investigation into the Berryman case in 1998, at about the same time as Parliament's social services select committee was hearing submissions on a 2000-signature petition by the Berrymans for compensation for their losses.
"There have been a number of investigations but I was surprised by the revelations [about the Butcher Report] late last year," Bradford said this week.
"It was absolutely never brought to my attention, and whether the army just didn't know what the state of their own records were or whether they were deliberately lying to both Parliament and the government of the day, I wouldn't want to speculate on. But it certainly puts a different complexion on things," Bradford said.
The army had told the inquest: "There was nothing in the entire construction of the bridge that contributed to the accident."

Shit it must be an important issue if the Herald is now onto it. Maybe it just takes a press release?

From this week's NBR:

...Two months ago, Dr Moodie said he would release the Butcher report if an earlier discovery order he had obtained from Associate Judge David Gendall in the High Court was successfully challenged by the army.
Last month, Judge John Wild granted the army leave to seek a judicial review of Judge Gendall's decision, to which Dr Moodie responded by discontinuing the Berrymans' court action seeking a new inquest.
The ball is now back in the army's court and Dr Moodie said he expected it to seek an injunction against publication by TVNZ "to protect the many highly-braided arses that are in the fire, both within and without the army."
"The army is desperate - absolutely desperate - to ensure that nobody outside the army ever reads the Butcher report because it contains such damning implications for the integrity of the high command," he said.
The secret report was produced by the then commandant of the Engineering Corps, Colonel George Butcher, to a court of inquiry into the bridge collapse that the Army held within six months of the accident.
That inquiry's report, obtained by NBR under the Official Information Act in 2002, noted the army's use of rot-prone Oregon timber to build the bridge and criticised some aspects of the design.
But missing were Colonel Butcher's 12 pages of evidence that the bridge was a hazard from the day it was built, because of serious design and construction faults that led to the failure of two of the load-bearing transoms as beekeeper Kenneth Richards crossed it in a utility in 1994.
At the inquest in 1997, the Army failed to tell the coroner of its own findings.

In 1997 the Coroner found that the Berrymans' either knew or should have known that bridge was faulty and therefore the responsibility/guilt forRichard's death lay with them.

Interesting that people who knew about their bridge being faulty would drive over it themselves ever single day isn't it?

I'll suggest that if the treatment of the Berrymans by the New Zealand government doesn't fuck you off, nothing ever will.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fuck you I won't do what you tell me 

I simply cannot allow myself to be silenced about this disgraceful affair until justice and fairness prevail. I am not at all comfortable about the position I find myself in, and I am well aware of the dangers involved. However, I simply do not have the capacity to turn away from my now elderly and frail clients cause, when they have suffered such grievous loss and harm from contrived and blatant corruption by officials.

This was the explanation lawyer Rob Moodie offered following his posting on the internet of a classified Army report which showed the army's shoddy workmanship was to blame for the collapse of a bridge on their property which killed beekeeper Kenneth Richards in 1994.

Following the bridge's collapse the Berryman's were prosecuted by Occupational Health and Safety, for not ensuring the safety of an employee, the defence of which cost them their previsouly debt-free farm.

The tale of how the State has mercilessly prosected the Berryman's - all the while as the Army withheld this crucial report - has been furiously covered by Hugh de Lacy for the National Business Review.

Unfortunately earlier this year the NBR website began restricting its content so the best and most in-depth of his coverage cannot be linked to.

This summarises the Butcher Report.

The so-called "Butcher Report" is a 12 page document authored by former army engineer George Butcher. The report says that the use of untreated timber in the construction of the bridge "cannot be supported" and discusses in detail the design and construction of the bridge. A 1997 coroner's report found the Berrymans to be at fault in the tragedy and they subsequently petitioned the court for a new hearing based on the Butcher Report.

The case has cost the Berryman's their health and they now live in a small home in Wanganui.

But how does the media report on the incident? Like this, and this, and this on Radio NZ:

The lawyer for the couple prosecuted after a fatal bridge collapse on their farm could be struck off after a complaint was laid over the release of a suppressed report.....The Defence Force has laid a complaint with the Law Society over Dr Moodie's actions and papers have been filed with the High Court over the case.

Where's the media coverage saying Moodie - who is providing his legal services free of charge -has exposed the Army for lying to the Coroner, and knowingly withholding a report which could have prevented the fucking shit this New Zealand couple have gone through?

Where's the media covergae saying Moodie is the fucking man for sticking up for these people and telling the State to kiss his kaftaned ass?

Well there's this blog - you'll have to scroll down - and the print edition of the NBR....

Could I get the Supersized Asian veg. meal please? 

I just took a hell of a long flight yesterday. It went Dublin to Vancouver, with stops along the way. One tends to get an appetite when in the sky for that long, and I always welcome the airline meals. As of late, I have been ordering the vegetarian meals, because now knowing how Cara foods packages and handles its meat, I’m steering clear. Factory farmed chicken at 35,000 feet just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

Now, some airlines have better veg options than the others. bmi airlines is pretty good, Air Canada is not, and United served me beef as a vegetarian alternative, so there. The Air Canada veg meals can be pretty gross. It’s usually either some chic-peas in strange sauce, or lentils that some guy sat on. My answer to this? The Asian Vegetarian cuisine.

This is actually a really good choice. Usually a tasty veg curry with rice, naan bread and chutney. Perfect. So, the flight attendant comes to bring me my feed yesterday, drops the tray in front of me, looks at my face and says, “Oh, I’m sorry sir, we’ve mixed this one up.”

“Okay,” I say.

She comes back and says, “I’m terribly sorry sir but I can’t find any kosher meals.”


“We have you marked down as wanting the Asian meal.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“But you’re not Asian.”

“AND, I’m not Jewish!”

“But you’re not Asian.”

So I explain that I want the Asian veg. meal because it meets my dietary requirements regardless of my religious or ethnic heritage. As I understand it, the airline offers alternatives to meet either dietary or religious beliefs. The Asian veg. is certainly a religious centered meal, but it fits the dietary requirements nicely, so hence it applies to me.

After a long consultation with other flight attendants I was finally fed my potato curry.

Now, this is quite funny, because I was just attending a conference on the 21st century challenges to overcoming racism and ethnic tensions, and the question of the white man’s rights to the Asian man’s meal never came up.

And this little experience brings up some interesting questions on how the western system and its institutions impose identity in every day life – even in such cases as the airline meal. I’m sure that if I was on Air India I would be served a vegetarian curry without question. Yet, it is always somewhat of a production to get the “special meal” on the plane. And there you go it’s the “special” meal, not just this guy’s meal. You know the one he paid for?

Airlines are not the only ones guilty of this. Supermarkets make it easy to find potato chips and Coca Cola, but the coconut and fresh chili peppers are a bit trickier, why not try the “specialty” market down the road? Why is there “common” food and “specialty” or “ethnic” food in the west, and not just “food?” Are we not all just “people?” Supermarkets and airline meals bring a lot of trouble with them in terms of how the food is collected, marketed and produced and the “specialty” options are usually a good way of keeping your nose out of the mass consumption culture. And indeed this economic oligopoly of today’s food network is clearly not just an economic culture, it is one deeply intertwined into questions of race and ethnicity.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Guest Commentary: NZ Beer Review 

From a Canadian friend recently supplied with a selection of New Zealand beers:

Just thought I'd write you my reviews on the beers that you brought over. First the good. The other night after writing an exam I reached into the fridge for a nice cool, crisp Okanagon Spring Pale Ale to quench my thirst. I raised the can and was suprised at how good it tasted (not too suprised now mind you). A few minutes later I looked at the can and realised that it was not Spring Ale at all but the Speight's Old Dark 5 Malt Ale that you had brought along. The cans are surprisingly similar. Awesome brew! I was particularly surprised as I'm not usually that fond of a dark beer. Now the bad. Regarding the other beer that you brought, not the Tui but the other in the gold can [Ed - Export Gold]. I was enjoying it fine enough but as I took the last swallow I noticed something in my mouth. I immediately spit the beer out on to a plate in front of me and observed something that appeared to be the consistency of snot. It was fucking sickening!! It was either some left over grout or the fruit of some fine NZ union hack enjoying a good nose picking during work hours. Anyhow, the point of the story... bring some more Speight's old dark when you next visit, come but kept that other shit in your hemisphere! Same goes for that other beer with the pull off top [Ed - Mac's].

Tamihere going loco III 

Hopefully the last installment in this series. Yesterday morning I finished watching "Life is Beautiful", which for those who know it certainly gets one thinking about the Holocaust. Brilliant movie, by the way. Then I logged on to the web to read that Tamihere is "sick of hearing about the Holocaust" and "being made to feel guilty." Why a New Zealander of Maori and Irish roots should feel guilty for the Holocaust is a bit beyond me (New Zealand did play an important role in fighting the Nazis afterall), but why he would feel "sick of hearing about it" is even more preposterous. What a dick ... like many others, I'm sick of hearing about Tamihere. Few would quibble with the tosser title now, I'd wager. Jordan has an interesting reflection on the debate to date. Helen Clark also let her views be known, and the sentiment expressed in her statement is hard to argue with. Prediction: gone by lunchtime.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Warriors... again 

Well it's now nearly a full 24 hours since I saw the 24-6 loss to the Tigers in Christchurch. For those that don't know it's now their 6th loss from 7 games in NZ outside Auckland. And the one they didn't lose featured a miraculous comeback in the dying stages to draw it.

Anyway, onto how I see it.

Our think our forward pack are definately delivering the goods thus far in 2005. Price has just been incredible carting the ball forward as has Paleaaesina. Nathan Fien had an excellent first half last night and was probably the best player on the pitch in that period and he's impressed in all their previous games as well. He's great out of dummy half and he is a very physical tackler (in other words he has a bit of mongrel in him). Wairangi Koopu has looked good taking the ball forward as well and Guttenbeil has been reasonable since getting on the pitch but he takes the ball into the contact situation too softly for me. He's always looking for offloads and a bit of space to run into which is great but on the occasions when there is no space or when offloads aren't necessary I'd like to see him get a bit tougher.

Where we have major problems is in our backline where we just don't have the strike power to bust teams open and score tries anywhere on the pitch (and no, the rabbitohs don't count).

Not to mention their high error count each day. In last nights game our backs made 13 errors compared to the 3 made by the forwards. Paleaaesina, Fien, Price and Guttenbiel went 80 minutes without making a single ballhandling mistake. In the backline only Tevita Latu and Todd Byrne achieved the same feat.

Going through them from fullback to halfback.

Brent Webb is fine at fullback but obviously has injury problems at the moment and we have no decent backup. Ropati is absolute rubbish, he brings the ball back too slowly and softly and last night managed to almost get taken into touch after recieving a kick in the middle of the field and had to throw it away in desparation. His ball handling is also suspect which is not a good look for a standoff.

Todd Byrne has been very good after looking crap in the pre-season and v the Sea Eagles. He looks to be a decent buy.

Francis Meli is playing too much like a forward. We need him to bust the line or run off people. He should take a leaf out of Byrnes book. If Byrne can hit a hole with his scrawny arse then Meli should be able to do the same with just as much effect. I don't know if Meli has lost some speed or not but he just isn't using himself properly. He also needs to learn where to stand on defence and not go roaming in field for a big hit or an intercept.

Clinton Toopi has got shocking hands there's no two ways about it. He also ponces about too much with the ball (the bloody side to side shimmy has it's place but not everytime you get the bloody ball mate!) and needs to just gas it more. His defence is bloody terrible. He's Ok when the guy has nowhere to go but if he has to cover anybody in space he almost religiously gets sucked out of position and caught on the outside.

Sione Faumuina has looked pretty good in recent games but I'd like to see him breaking tackles and finding a bit of space.

Lance Hohaia tackled his butt off last night (31 tackles), and looked fairly good with the ball in hand. Hohaia runs well and is strong as a bloody ox when it comes to shaking off tackles. I'd like to see him directing play forwards a bit more though.

Stacy Jones took a terrible option last night on the last tackle when it was 0-0. Faumuina probably would have bullocked his way over if Jones had passed him the ball or else could have put Byrne in in the corner but instead he slammed one of his lead boot kicks at Whatuira who went the length of the field to put the tigers ahead. Outside that he still isn't cracking the line open with his speed. Since he lost his pace and that ability to gas it through small holes (which was the feature part of his game) he really hasn't been able to make up for it. His field kicking has always been shit, his tackling is about what you would expect from somebody that size and his passing and direction game is no better than anybody else in the comp.

Quite frankly I'm sick of talking about it. It's not going to change. I've always thought he's been overated since his first couple of seasons. He's played pretty crap football in the last 5+ years and even in the big year of 2003 he only crossed the line 3 times from recollection. Since then he has been even worse. If he is to get anywhere near where he needs to be he should spend all week doing sprint training and field kicking and nothing else.

In short, sell him and buy Mundine.

And Tevita Latu isn't up to this level simple as that. But I guess reserve backs from most other sides aren't that flash either.

But as said, the forwards are good except for Monty 'liability' Betham. He simply cannot control himself. As a footballer he isn't that great and as a leader he is shit because he sets a bad example in terms of discipline.

Expect to see rumours of him getting the arse as the season goes on. Cos I'll start them.

I hope he gets suspended for his spear tackle because I want to see how the side goes without him. Maybe not so good but at least we won't give away a couple of ridiculous penalties.

Fuck in hell! (cor, what would that be like? Hot sex!) The Broncos are leading the Eels 42-0 at halftime. It's an attitude game that's for sure. The Broncos were thrashed by 50 by the Storm while the Eels beat the Panthers comfortably and now look at basically the same teams a week later.

The Warriors talk about consistency and confidence and all that crap but as we see constantly, those things don't need to come into good performances unless you are a bunch of pussies or excuse makers. They are showing guts though this season. If they could show some smarts as well and get some good shit out of a few backs they still should do alright... aaeight!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Vote ACT or die... 

Really, this is crying out for a caption competition:


Not that I have a problem with guns or gun shows ... but nor do I really know of anyone who really wants to ban them, contrary to Rodney's claims.

Really, the tried and true formula for politicians is to pose with (a) babies (b) firefighters and (c) pensioners & veterans of popular wars ... best to stay away from sex toys (Hobbs) and other lethal weapons (Hide). Although Sir Humphrey thinks it's a good idea.

Meanwhile, National appears to be harping on the "childless PM" theme ... maybe their polling is telling them this is something they might gain leverage on ... for now, she has 60%+ support as preferred PM so most people don't seem to care too much. And does anyone really beleive that Judith Collins has her finger on the pulse of contemporary NZ family life?

Friday, April 08, 2005

NRL Round 5 

OK here are the matches:

Panthers vs storm: jessup panthers, bennyasena storm
warriors vs tigers: both warriors
Manly vs Dragons: jessup dragons bennyasena manly
Roosters vs Raiders: jessup roosters bennyasena raiders
Eels vs broncos: jessup eels bennyasena broncos
Cowboys vs sharks: jessup sharks bennyasena cowboys
Rabbits vs Knights:Jessup knights bennyasena rabbits

To date bennyasena 18/28 Jessup 14/28

Rush job tonight, if you're looking for a bet back Manly at $2.25 to beat the Dragons $1.60.

Give it a rest, fornicators 

This is fairly preposterous:

The Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles will use their wedding tomorrow as an opportunity to "earnestly repent" the "manifold sins and wickedness" of their past deeds.

In words that cannot fail to resonate, the couple have chosen the sternest possible prayer of penitence from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer to be read by themselves and their guests at the blessing of their marriage led by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The prayer reads: "We acknowledge and bewail our manifold sins and wickedness, Which we, from time to time, most grievously have commit ted, by thought, word and deed, Against thy Divine Majesty, Provoking most justly thy wrath and indignation against us. We do earnestly repent, And are heartily sorry for these misdoings."

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Politicians and the "average family" 

Further to discussions below, and the perception or allegation that Helen Clark and some others in the Cabinet perhaps can't relate to "the average family", here's a few thoughts....

Mike Moore had no children (for medical reasons I believe)

Jim Bolger had far more children than average (7 if I recall)

John Howard lived at home well into his 30s

Tony Blair has more children than average, including one fathered in his late 40s - early 50s(?)

Francois Mitterand had two families

John Paul II was a bachelor

Now, if we're talking about someone who has no idea of what it's like to have an "ordinary" family, with the usual time and money struggles, how about the son of a certain oil baron/CIA director/former US Pres who currently occupies the White House.

I also recall reading that the Bolger Cabinet of the early 90s contained no one who wasn't already a millionaire ... hardly representative of the populace, eh?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Message to Rodney: Drop Dead 

That little fucker Hide has happily descended into the gutter in an attempt to bait the PM with references to lesbianism and childlessness. Drop dead. She doesn't pry into your life, and you shouldn't pry into hers. I know he was ostensibly quoting Smarmy Tosser Tamihere, and I'd expect that kind of sorry shit from a Prebble or a Franks, but thought Hide might be a bit better. Guess I was wrong. May electoral oblivion wipe your nasty little party from public memory.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

NRL Crowds & stats galore!!!!! 

Interesting (for me anyway) tracking the numbers coming through the gates at NRL games this year as it's now had several years of stability following the whole Super League business and the teams being cut soon after.

Two years ago in 2003 the league recorded it's highest ever season average with 14,632 then last year the figure was topped with an average of 14,836 showing up. Unfortunately last year was the year when the Warriors had a shocking season and they dragged the average down considerably with an average of 10,171. Even their away games weren't a big attraction with just 11,441 showing up on average to watch them play in Aussie.

This year the league average is 17,581 from the 4 completed rounds and it looks well on track to break the record yet again though it should drop gradually over the season and end up somewhere around the 15,000 mark. Once again it looks as though the Warriors won't be helping it much.

Their crowds to date have been 13,682 for the Sea Eagles game, 13,888 for the Cowboys game and 9,751 for the Rabbitohs match. The first two games were the second lowest crowds for those particular rounds while the Rabbitohs figure was the lowest for round 4. Something that must be concerning the Warriors (though nothing has been said yet). Considering the new signings and high expectations you would have thought that they would have got closer to 20,000 for their opening game but it seems as though people have adopted a wait and see attitude.

Anyhow, if they can win more than they lose as the season progresses they should be able to at least get up near the match average and then it will rest on other fans across the ditch to keep turning out.

here be the rest of the team averages to date...

Brisbane 34,104
Bulldogs 26,545
Cowboys 21,743
Roosters 19,763
Sharks 18,308
Penrith 17,708
Wests Tigers 16,965
Newcastle 14,889
Manly 14,751
Canberra 13,725
Parramatta 13,611
Souths 12,950
Warriors 12,440
Melbourne 11,317
St Geo-Illa 9,032

On another statistical note...

Stacy Jones with his bag of 18 points including one try has now moved to 49th position on the leagues top point scorers post 1980 with 553 points. The site I use has only managed to get back to 1980 but it's fair bet that he would be high up there all time as well. He is now equal with Steve Ella who mainly acrued his points through try scoring feats (94 in all) and Jones is just 15 points short of Steve Renouf who bagged 142 tries (4th behind Andrew Ettinghausen, Terry Lamb and Steve Menzies).

In 2005 Jones is second for the season on 48 points, two behind the man with the great last name, Clinton Shitoffski, or Shiftyoureski or something like that. Jones is 54= on the 1980-now list alongside Kevin McGuinness, Willy Carne and Dale Shearer. Jones still has a fair way to go though to peg back the mighty Darryl Halligan who crossed the line 80 times for North Sydney and the Bulldogs!!!!! So he wasn't just a goal kicker folks. Though with 855 from 1078 attempts at 79.31% he sure was no slouch.

That all leads me on to the final stat of top point scorer in the 1980-now period. Jason Taylor is in first spot with 2,107 followed by Halligan on 2,034 then Andrew Jones is at number three with 1,856. Something tells me he won't be adding too many more points to that total. Somebody who will though is Hazem El Magic who now has 1,392 points from 101 tries and 494 goals from 606 attempts at an astonishing success rate of 81.52%. He didn't even take his first goal kick in the NRL until his 4th season in 1999 and even then he only took 12 shots that season and none in the following year as Halligan had the goal kicking duties locked down. Since then he has been banging them over from all over the place and in 2003 had a mind blowing 86% success rate for the season. Last season he alone scored 343 points for the Bulldogs. Most impressive when you see that the Warriors in the same year only managed 427 amongst the entire team. I reckon the 2004 Warriors would probably have beaten him late in the game as he tired and as the ball boys were instructed to swap his kicking tee for a skanky Warriors cheerleaders butt (hey nobodys read this far have they?).

Monday, April 04, 2005

Tamihere going loco II 

The tosser's at it again, firing generic insults at his colleagues this time. What a dick (if this was someone from the National Party, I'd have a laugh, but still think he was a dick).

Friday, April 01, 2005

Tamihere going loco? 

Despite knowing that several allegations screened by TV3 Duncan Garner against me were wrong TV3 proceeded to run the story.
TV3’s producer, Mr Jennings has rushed to the defence of Mr Garner, despite the fact that he approved the hatchet job. Getting Jennings to rush to the aid of Garner is a bit like watching Hitler defend Goebbels.

John Tamihere is now comparing the reporter, who exposed him for taking a $195,000 payment he had assured the New Zealand public he would not take, to the Nazi propoganda chief.

Pretty pathetic that our elected representatives are invoking memories of WWII to try and score cheap shots against journalists.

I wonder if the Prime Minister is telling Tamihere to shut his mouth?

The 'hatchet job' contained enough truth for your boss to demote you and although the Serious Fraud Office found you not guilty of not paying tax on the 'koha', you still lied and betrayed the public's trust.

Further had their been no doubt over the legalitiy of your actions the SFO would not have investigated in the first place.

And his final two pars illustrate why the man touted as a one-day PM of New Zealand will never live up to his promise:

Garner and his mates at the Waipareira Trust must now know that Rodney Hide will drop them like a hot spud as he has done with his other soul mate, Jim Peron.
Hide stood up in the House and stated unequivocally that ‘Jim Peron is a fine upstanding citizen – he has had dinner at my house and I have had dinner at his house’ I wonder what tricks and treats occurred at these dinners?


Round 4 

Alrighty then, firstly a quick rap up of last weekend.

Brisbane (40) accounted for the Roosters (22) proving Amos Roberts does not a teameth make.

The Panthers predictably tackled the Dragons and Sharks accounted for the Eels. But then things took a turn for the bizarre, while many would have picked the Cowboys to topple the Warriors not many would have seen Manly (25) accounting for the Storm (18).

Now maybe people will stop bitching about the Warriors Round1 loss to Manly?

The Tigers (37) took out the Dogs (36). And in a hard fought battle the Raiders took care of the Rabbits.

The Herald's Jessup got 3 games right while Bennyasena sneaked 4.

So after 21 games Bennyasena sits on 14 right, Jessup 11. Still we're making the Sydney Morning Herald's expert tippers look decidedly inexpert.

Round 4:

Eels vs Panthers: Jessup and Bennyasena Panthers
Storm vs Broncos: Jessup Storm and Bennyasena Broncos
Coboys vs Knights: Both Cowboys
Raiders vs Dragons: Jessup Dragons Bennyasena Raiders
Warriors vs Rabbits: Both Warriors
Sharks versus Bulldogs: Jessup bulldogs Bennyasena Sharks
Roosters versus Tigers: Both Roosters

However, this is what's going on in the Australian betting scene:

Tab sportsbet punters have plunged on St George Illawarra to topple Canberra when they travel to the nation's capital to play on Saturday night. Despite the Dragons being winless from three games this season, tab spokesman Glenn Munsie said St George Illawarra had been backed "as if the match has already been completed".
"We are holding more for St George Illawarra to win this game alone than we have held on them in their three previous games this season," Munsie said. "To put it into perspective, we are holding $105,000 on the Dragons and just $250 on Canberra."

Interesting considering Canberra is 2 from 2. I'd rather have $250 on the Raiders than 105k on the Dragons.

If I was betting $100 this week I'd chuck $70 on the Warriors at $1.40 and $30 on the Sharks to beat the bulldogs at $2.25.

Christian Heritage Party, former leader the Rev Graham Capill 

Interesting to see one of the foremost representatives of the Religious Right in New Zealand named and convicted as a pedophile. The NZH reports the judge as saying the offending was "not at the serious end of the scale", whatever that means. Interfering with a kid under 12 is interfering with a kid under 12, I would have thought.

A late entry for "tosser of our times III" perhaps? It will be interesting to see if a bit more rough justice comes his way. Just look at that jaw.

April Fool? 

Maybe the Herald's sports reporter Peter Jessup and I were watching different fights last night.

I saw David Tua work Griffis around for most of the match trapping him in the corner, fending off Griffis' jabs and basically wearing him down until he could go for the knockout punch.

It wasn't always pretty, the Tua Man never has been, but he never looked like losing.

This is how Jessup described the fight:

David Tua’s expected victory over journeyman Talmadge Griffis at Waitakere’s Trust Stadium last night came with just 25 seconds left in a contest that was decidedly like his world heavyweight title fight against Lennox Lewis.


Last night Tua outboxed Griffis, threw about 30 Tuaman potential knockout punches into his head, constantly worked his way through his opponents jab and saved himself until round 10 where he unleashed his Samoan fury and ended it in a TKO.

That's pretty bloody far from Tua's fight with Lewis in which he never looked like getting past the stinging jab, was outboxed, outskilled and made to look pretty average.

This is how the Boxing Times described the Tua Lewis brawl:

Lennox Lewis ate David Tua's heart. His utensils were straight right crosses and ramrod left jabs. Despite all of Tua's pre-fight bluster, when it was over it was the Missonary who consumed the Cannibal....
The Samoan via New Zealand never mounted a sustained attack and over the last eight rounds simply followed Lewis around the 20-foot ring while taking punishment. At the conclusion of 12 rounds, Tua's left eye was bruised and battered while Lewis wasn't even breathing hard. In retrospect, it appeared that Tua used his hands more in the refrigerator than in the ring.

The only similarities between the two fights is that both Lewis and Griffis had a reach advantage on Tua - like everyother boxer he's ever faced.

I hope you're fooling someone Jessup.

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