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Saturday, January 15, 2005


Sounds like a bloody eye test, or a current affairs show or something. But it ain't. It's this new cricketing invention taking England and soon the entire cricketing world by storm.

I haven't seen it yet but here's what one of the chappies at thinks of it...
Twenty20 is Focking Shite
14 January, 2005 Miller v Jackson

Twenty20 is focking shite. Fuck me, and take my word for it, it is the most focking shite load of shite I have ever watched, including netball.

Last night's game was dreadful. We heard about two hours of commentary all up (from four commentators including that walking corpse Benaud) about how the penalty for slow over rates (six runs per over) was a disgrace and should be 10 runs per over.

If that's new and exciting, then so is the turd I laid last week. (Which I christened Benaud the Turd). To point out the blindingly obvious, a four runs per over difference in the penalty wouldn't matter squat in a game where you're blasting every ball for four anyway. And it wouldn't matter in a game won by 100 runs, as the one last night was.

Particularly, it didn't matter last night because each team was penalised one over, i.e. six runs. The penalty could have been 400 runs per over, a shunt up the arse and the captain's first born son and the result would have still been the same. Did that stop the commentators? Did it fuck!

That aside the game had nothing going for it. The free hit rule is shite, whether or not you can change the field for the free hit or not. If they really want to penalise no-balls, then give a four run penalty and get the fuck on with it, rather than shagging around with the free hit. And why are no-balls rewarded with a free-hit and not wides?

I could go on, but I'm going off to find the FluffyBunny who invented this game and box his focking ears.
Sound's great.

In other news the Kingz are now the Knights. Or will that become the Knightz after the Northern Knights have kicked up a fuss? They had to change their name from Kings to Kingz after the Sydney Kings basketball side moaned a few years back. Silly buggers.


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