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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

SLowly Does It 

Back in NZ finally after a heinous 11 hour flight with no sleep with Asiana. Good food.

Been borrowing my sisters car (actually it's been given to me for nothing). Took only one day for me to be driving down the north-western when the window basically bent in on a funny angle. I pushed to straighten it and the entire thing collapsed down inside the door and fucked if I can get the panelling off to see if I can fix it. Ah well, that's what you get for free cars.

Already bought my washing machine and dryer combo ($999) at Noel Leemings. Nice one. Have to buy a double door fridge though for 2 G's. The one item the wife is insistent on murdering the bank book over. Got my Vacuum half price also from NL's also. Purchased pillows from The Warehouse, a half price iron from Briscoes along with an ironing board that it can hump my clothes on.

Next up is a comp (possibly the $1000 deal at NL's which includes a medium sized LCD screen).

Then there's the bloody tellie. Dreaming of a massive flat screen one but that ain't gonna happen. Maybe a mini flat screen?

Second hand bed. Better be hard cos all the ones I've tried at home or out so far are soft as fuck. I've been in Korea so long that I just about need a rock to lie on to be comfortable. Better for your back. Harden up peeps.

Then all I need is a second hand couch and arm chairs, and table and chairs, and book shelves and comp desk, and various kitchen items, and a car and insurance and misc items and then declare bankruptcy and go and live in dem' dere hills in a hut made from Kanuka and ponga fronds. Sweet.

Bought a vacuum myself on the weekend - the Samsung 1600W ("high power") for $99 at the Warehouse. As Wayne and Garth once said, "it certainly does suck."

Also bought a second hand bed - utter bollocks, uncomfortable as hell, advanced roll together. Thinking about buying a new one after two nights.

Second hand couch set OK, but smells of cat piss from former roommate's pissing cat.

Bought nice stainless steel toaster and kettle combo - can't remember where it was from, the Warehouse again perhaps.

Ahh, the joys of being a "professional" in NZ.

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