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Saturday, January 15, 2005


With a capital fucking K.

Just fare-welled my wifes friends who I count as my own also.

Feel like a complete and utter cunt as one always does at these moments.

A real lovely bunch of people. As good as you could ever hope to meet.

And to see them cry is not a nice thing to experience.

Amazing thing is they are all Asian.

And to think, they are all supposed to be............. Asians.

The greatest thing I have learnt since travelling is that that Asian face you see walking down that street or in that lecture theater or cafe or whereever has the same fucking shit going on inside their head as you.

Ask one of em'.

Took a lot of time and effort to find that out but I'm glad I did.

Peace out luvs.

yamis - wiremu1306 here - you said it good buddy.

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