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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Lydiard memorial 

There are discussions at the moment about how New Zealand should best go about remembering Arthur Lydiard - the country's greatest ever coach and amazingly the person credited with starting the jogging trend, not just here but world-wide.

Here's my suggestion - why not have a day where people can attempt (run, jog or walk) his famous, or should that be infamous, Waiatarua running track through the Waitakere Ranges.

Not only would it promote getting people out and exercising - something Lydiard staunchly advocated - but serious runners could have a crack at the course.

It would be an appropriate way to remember a great New Zealander!

In other news I've been calculating how much money I earn per breath - after tax I have to breathe 357 times to earn a dollar.

Then again I don't bring in $50m in advertising revenue either.

Now this press release by the Poleece this morning is classic:

At about 7.45pm a 43 year old heavily intoxicated male was hit by a train travelling north. He was seen walking along the tracks by the train driver who sounded the horn and activated his emergency brakes.

The man appeared to not notice the train or the fact that the horn was going. He was found lying next to the tracks by the driver, who thought he had been injured. Ambulance staff attended and declared that he had no serious injuries as a result of the impact.

He was taken home (for his own safety) by South Auckland Police staff, who consider him to be one of the luckiest persons in the country.

Wonder if he has a hangover?

Re an Arthur Lydiard memorial, absolutely ... an ideal way to remember him. And I'd be up for it I guess.

And hey, just because the Great New Zealand Disucssion Forum exists doesn't mean you can't comment here, readers!
sir, I sincerely wish that you have a great hangover on new years day, not out of spite, quite on the contrary I wish you a great new years eve, my name is terry, terry the sausage. cheers, best wishes. sorry to be irrelevant. how many days will it take you to find this post if ever? oh well.

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