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Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Fact of Evolution 

And what do religious folk be making of all this then?

And I have a bad head cold and will be utilising word search puzzles should I even make it to school today.

Religious zealots never worried about a bit of fact or science anyway. Deep down, they know the earth is flat.

What's with the word search as a cure for a cold?

And BTW, fancy Graeme Hill and Graeme Humphries being the same person. I'm still getting over that one.
well the word searches were for the kids to do while I stared blankly at my desk. Worked like a treat.

What's with the Graeme Hill, Graeme Humphries thing?
Hill and Humphries are the same person. Humphries when he's writing music or doing book reviews for the Listener; Hill when he's talking sport.

And Russell Brown's linked to you today. You might even get some readers out of that.

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