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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Shame on Robson. 

Well this week's top press release was a lot more difficult to find than lasts.

There were no Freemason open day statements, nor freedom fighting cigarette smokers, just ones from the Society for the Promotion of Community Standards - see, get a life - about how the tedious french flick Irreversible should not be shown in New Zealand - yawn.

I saw Irreversible last year at an Auckland film festival, and it was widely hyped as the most brutal film - rape, murder, - ever shown in New Zealand yadda yadda yadda, so i was surprised that about a quarter of the movie-goers left the cinema by the end.

But all in all it was pretty bloody boring, and wasn't worth the ten bucks or whatever i paid.

So anyways, here's this week's top press release, titled Robson's Reefer Madness and probably deserved more attention that it reaped, although the first three sentences are somewhat boggling, or is that, boggling somewhat boggled? :

Robson's Refer Madness

GreenCross Medicinal Cannabis Support Group
Sadly it is not a new concept for politicians to distorted the truth for political gain. This in itself is a practice that can only be described as somewhat less than honest. When politicians distort the truth in relation to medical issues it is nothing less than shameful.

Matt Robson has stooped to this shameful level of politics. It appears that he has deliberately tried to misinform the public of New Zealand regarding cannabis and mental health problems. When politicians feed our citizens, which include youth, with inaccuracies on cannabis how can we be expected to make wise decisions?

Mr. Robson is reported as saying "Dr Walsh said there is a need for further education about the strong link between using cannabis and mental illness but all such education programmes are undermined by the endless calls for decriminalisation by parties that fail our young and our future.” These comments were later confirmed as an inaccurate representation of what Dr Walsh had said by the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board.

GreenCross Medicinal Cannabis Support Group of NZ Inc. calls upon Mr. Robson to publicly apologise for this shameful misrepresentation of what was said by Dr Walsh. It is precisely this sort of dishonesty that prevents people who have medical support for cannabis use from legally medicating with it. While some choose to medicate illegally the black-market cost means many suffer as they must go without due to financial reasons.

It would appear that Matt Robson is happy to misinform our youth in regard to cannabis and this can only lead to more harm.

Shame on you Mr. Robson. You have failed our youth.

Well, I'm gonna stick up for IRREVERSIBLE; it's a great flick, a woozy tale of revenge dissipated with a quietly melancholic reveal of the domestic life of the participants in the brutal crimes. It actually mimics how we are confronted with violent crime in real life: intially we hear the fractured rumors, then the gory details, and then the media starts their articles on how the victim dreamt of becoming an Olympic swimmer, or how they were spending time with their kids before the crime, etc.
Genuine question. (Can't be bothered finding "real" research)Does Cannibas have the same, or similar, potential for causing harm as cigarettes? If not. Sweet. If so, then cigarettes should be banned also. If as addictive as publicised, which no-one seems to disagree with, then like any other narcotic that impacts upon others (passive?) it should not be acceptable. The argument can expanded into alcohol consumption but it's fair to say that steps to limit harm to others are in place, albeit mildly (Booze bus).

If the only casualty is the person and nil others. Then go for gold people. This goes for drug use in general. If (unlikely in dope use)you overdose, your choice. You die, nevermind. You live, pay for your bed.

A bit harsh, but the process of natural selction is inhibited enough as it is. might make it REALLy important to learn to take those drugs properly or ensure they are from a good source, huh?
I can recall a Green Party MP likening smoking a single unfiltered spliff - tobacco and cannabis - to the harm of a 20-pack of ciggies.

Nandor Tanchoz advises people to hold in the smoke for 3 secs only - maximum THC.

Apparently bongs, which cool the smoke, are mixed in terms of harm reduction as although the water takes much of the tar and shit out they encourage deeper, and therefore more harmful inhalations.

I find it hard to fathom though how a natural substance could be as bad for you as ciggies and their hundreds of added chemicals though.
personally I don't believe that any drug should be banned.

However I'm all for laws about how, when and where you may use them. Merely to ensure OTHER peoples saftey and rights to go about their life without being negatively impacted by somebody elses actions.

Smoking in public places should be banned completely as far as I am concerned though. as for private spaces well that's a bit more dodgy (talking about bars etc here). Anywahere that accepts children onto the premises though (private or not) shouldn't be allowed to also allow smoking.

blah blah blah

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