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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Rave on... 

We had a good weekend. We went to a beach party down the line in Korea. It was organized by a company that organizes dj's for night clubs. About 300 people went down to a beach on buses on Friday night and then we came back Sunday morning. We got down there at 1am, to the beach, and drank for a while before trying to get the bus back to our accommodation, which was miles away. Finally got to bed at about 7am Saturday morn. There was a major muck up as the bus driver was supposed to shuttle us the 30 min journey from the beach to our room, but obviously nobody had warned him just how bad the road was (narrow, winding, bumpy) and he just decided not to take us! It was a major pain for the weekend but we ended up getting around when he felt like taking us or we'd get taxis.

The beach was totally secluded. It was overlooking a huge estuarine flat and is actually a well-known place in Korea (the whole flat, not our beach) coz when the tide is in the water is really shallow and if you walk out on it it looks like you are walking on water, Jesus-style! At night it was so cool too coz there was bioluminescence going on in the water, so we walked out for ages to the water and then splashed around like kids. So many people had never seen it before so it was pretty funny watching them.

We stayed at the beach all day Saturday (I managed to not get sunburned!) which was nice coz it was very breezy and quite cool. I swam a few times to try and soothe the RAVAGING I got from the biting insects the night before! My mate calls them "noseeums" coz you can't see the bloody things as they bite you. I have so many bites now and have to try REALLY HARD not to scratch them!! It sucks! I have welts everywhere. They were even biting me thru my pants.

Saturday night was good, the music was really good. The food situation wasn't great tho so 4 of our group went to a restaurant for dinner and brought us back some food. We proved that it's possible to survive a weekend almost entirely on potato chips...

We were supposed to come back at 4pm yesterday on the organized transport, but when half our group got in at 7am yesterday from the beach (the rest of us got home at 3am) we all decided to pack up and get the hell out of dodge so we could be home early to get some kip (otherwise we'd be home at 7pm). So we managed to get the 8.30am bus back and were home by lunch time.

The place we stayed in is called a minbak in Korean. It's basically someone’s house with a few extra rooms. We were actually staying in the ladies house, and she was locked in her room. She bloody skipped off early in the morning tho with the hot water control locked in her room! Cold showers all round. Her fridge was so manky and smelly, and we even found a corn cob with about 5 randomly placed kernels still on it - must have been saving that for later, mmmmmm. Saturday night she popped her head out of her room and told us to be quiet coz Chris was having a giggle-fit, so it was just like high school camp again.

In all it was a fun weekend and I have a lovely itchy reminder of it for a few days more. Now there is still a full 5 days of work ahead of me before I can relax again! Work sux.

From Saz

my god, it speaks!!!!!!

are you guys sure that those red welts aren't just a nasty rash you all got from each other by sleeping naked up against each other?

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