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Monday, September 20, 2004

OK they need a sub but, beat this 

Bennyasena's press release of the week:

The F- word has been ok in the work place Friday, 17 September 2004.

Good Bastards

The F- word has been ok in the work place for at least 45 years.

So The Politically Correct Police have said it’s ok to use the F Word in the work place!!!!
“Where have these poor buggars been?” So asks Paddy Sweeney head honcho of the Good Bastards Movement which emanates out of the West Coast.

I’m 58 and its been ok to use the F-word since I started work when I was 13 forty five years ago.” Said Sweeney today.

“Using the f-word among your colleagues may not necessarily be offensive, can even be considered polite and helps to reinforce team morale, a Victoria University linguistics study suggests.” Reported Oska Ally recently.

“Sweeney who says he learnt to communicate effectively using the F word in a sawmill on the West Coast 45 years ago, reckons you can’t get by without it.

“For example, if you tell someone to “GO AWAY” it is nowhere as near effective as telling them to “F - OFF” Or if you say “HELLO THEIR FRIEND” its nowhere near as receptive as saying “HOW THE F- ARE YA, YA GOOD BASTARD?”

When asked what he thought of the Survey which was the first of its kind in New Zealand Sweeney replied “Funnier than a fart in a bottle when ya think about it.

Here we have something that’s been going on for a couple of hundred years and is an intricate part of our culture and the PC people have just found it and extremely excited about it.

For crying out loud next think they will be telling us they discovered that the ‘Water Closet’ is actually a dunny.

Sweeney’s Good Bastards Movement claims to be the front line force in attacking political correctness. “These people should buggar off back to England where it seems all this bullshit came from.

Ya want to talk like a snobby pom, that’s ok, but don’t try and make it part of our culture that a nation has been diligently building for over 200 years.”

Good Bastards have a club ‘The Most Recent Order Of Good Bastards’ which is promoted through their web site

Sweeney remains defiant in his quest to use humour to quash the PC Police and has the last word.

“Who knows they might even decide that Noddy and Big Ears weren’t all that bad either and allow them back into the game.”


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