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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

What you didn't read 

Read some of the strange quotes below, and think what it is that Police might be hinting at:

NZ Herald 20/08/04:
"Inquiries into the death of a Dunedin woman mauled by her dog suggest the animal was not treated properly - but police say they will never know what triggered the fatal attack. Police had evidence that the animal had been badly treated, but he would not give details."

"People who knew Carol Leeann Taylor and her dog Sytan - which she nicknamed Tutties - have given police a "better picture", said Senior Sergeant Phil McDouall.

It seems out of fears of offending the public's sensibilities, or their advertisers, the mainstream news media - Herald, Sunday Star Times, et al - have ignored a very disturbing angle in this case.

Too hot to touch perhaps?

Anyways, bloggingitreal's 15 odd incisive readers will at least be able to guess at the "real story" as opposed to the daily media's countless thousands.

Fuck censorship.

I've actually seen very little on this; is there a profile of the owner?

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