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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Ripped Off in NZ II 

Over the coming days, weeks and possibly even years dc_red and myself (along with any others who want to join in) will take a practical look at the cost of living in NZ. It's worth pointing out that while this may deteriorate into a bitch-fest at times we will try and maintain some balance and it won't be all one way (just mostly).

Hopefully we can highlight how ruddy much the govurmint takes, what we are left with and how much it costs to get by (in other words how much the funking corporate bigwigs, Multinationals and indeed even your local handyman take from your wallet for something that should cost 272% less).

Where possible we will refer to our experiences in other countries so you can see relative costs and then we can all try and work out why a cd in Korea costs a touch under $17NZ whereas in Kiwiland the same cd retails at about $20-35 depending on the level of wankership of the store/chain owners.

Just for starters think of this. Note I use the example of a teacher as that is what I am so that is what I can relate best. The same or similar applies for untold other occupations out there...

Your average high school teacher in NZ requires a university degree and a one year diploma. So roughly speaking your average high school teacher MUST HAVE SPENT FOUR YEARS AT A UNIVERSITY OR SIMILAR in order to be able to teach at a high school.

So being realistic they will be leaving with a debt of around 15,000 in this day and age. Perhaps they were lucky and had parents pay, or perhaps they worked every spare moment and scraped by without much of a loan but as we all know, most young folk have a loan in that region if not a damn sight higher.

So off they trundle to work, catching the bus and living at home with their parents still (as they will have to be for the next decade)

to be continued...


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