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Monday, August 02, 2004

Player Transfers 

Sheesh, I remember a few weeks ago there being a bit of a discussion about mid season wheeling and dealing on the transfer market in the NRL. Well that's nothing compared to what goes on in Major League Baseball.

I'll get to the baseball in a moment. But quickly to recap the NRL case briefly, in the NRL teams have a short window of opportunity mid year (finished a few weeks ago) to sign players from other teams for next season. You should recall that the Warriors signed Ruben Wiki and Steve Price during this time. The rest of the year any form of communication or contact with opposition clubs or players is a no-no.

So anyway the problem some people had with it is that it's a distraction to the fans and teams while they are playing their footie. And so some have been suggesting that the transfer (also called "anti'tampering") period should be pushed back until after the playoffs. The problem there is that teams who don't make the playoffs probably won't sit there doing nothing and so the teams in the playoffs are at a disadvantage and also if there are any scandals during the playoffs they will take away from the onfield action. Not to mention that with the off seasons being relatively short it doesn't give much time for players to prepare with their new teams.

Personally I say leave it how it is. It's all forgotten come playoff time and at least teams like the Warriors can start planning for next season earlier rather than poncing around in the off season scrapping over player dregs.

Anyhow back to baseball.

A few days ago the deadline for transfers just finished. Now I watch baseball every morning as I start at 1 pm most days and the Korean networks show any teams featuring Korean players on live in the mornings. So I had built up a bit of support for the Florida Marlins as Choi Hee-seop was playing for them at first base and doing quite well I thought. Now low and behold if I wasn't watching him get a hit for them late last week when I tune in yesterday to see him playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers LIVE!!!

That's right, he was traded along with about half a dozen other guys in a swap deal with the Dodgers, who in return sent a couple of their better players the way of the Marlins.

Now that is some f*cked sh*t if you ask me.

I reckon I'll have to just settle on a team rather than following one because they are on the tellie everyday due to the Korean player.

And I think I'll go for the hard luck stories, the Boston Red Sox (who also have a Korean incidentally but he's not pitching much for them these days I think). Besides that, they are one hairy team. And they are pretty good too. So sorry Marlins but you can f-off, and well I'll watch Choi hitting for the Dodgers but no more of this mid week team switching shit.

The same thing happened in Korea recently as well with their footie. Half the foreigners were given the boot or switched teams. It's too much of a circus for me. Can you imagine that one week Justin Marshall turns out for the Crusaders then the mext week he's playing for the Hurricanes because they needed a good halfback and so they gave Jerry Collins and a couple of substitutes to the Crusaders in exchange?

Arse up tit it is.

Next some businessman in Auckland will buy the Highlanders and the Crusaders and move them to Ericsson Stadium and North Harbour Stadium.



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