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Thursday, August 12, 2004

NZ Olympic Team Schedule 12th-16th 

This is a bit odd because Keith Uprichard is scheduled to start firing away on the archery range on Thursday the 12th, two days before the opening ceremony.

Anyhow, here's the opening weekend for you.

Note, all times are local time.
THURSDAY the 12th
5pm Keith Uprichard - Individual men ranking round

SATURDAY the 14th
9:30am Mixed doubles v Canada
2:00pm v ???

2:30 Womens Team v USA

3:01 Soulan Pownceby v ???
9:01 Soulan Pownceby v ???

Cycling (road):
12:45 Mens Final (Heath Blackgrove, Jeremy Yates, Julian Dean and Robin Reid)

8:30 Sonia Waddell (Single Sculls - Womens heats)
10:10 Coxless Pair - Womens heats
10:30 Coxless Pair - Mens heats
11:00 Double Sculls - Womens heats
11:50 Coxless Four - Mens heats

1:00 Dean Barker
1:00 470 Mens
1:00 470 Womens
1:00 Yngling Women

10:00 Dean Kent (400m Individual Medley - Mens heats)
10:31 Elizabeth Coster (100m Butterfly - Womens heats)
10:58 Moss Burmester (400m Freestyle - Mens heats)
11:41 Helen Norfolk (400m Individual Medley - Womens heats)
12:15 Ben Labrowitch (100m Breaststroke - Mens heats)

Table Tennis:
11:00 Doubles (Womens first round)
12:30 Li Chunli
1:15 Li Chunli
6:00 Li Chunli
7:00 Li Chunli

and I'll do sundays later


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