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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

NRL week 20 something and the run to the playoffs II 

Round 22 to be precise
St Geo-Illawarra 34 Melbourne 14 (12,960)
Warriors 14 Brisbane 21 (9,710)
Penrith 72 Manly 12 (13,573)
Newcastle 20 Canberra 14 (16,491)
Canterbury 36 North Qld 16 (10,988)
Wests Tigers 56 Souths 6 (19,402) *club record
Easts 12 Cronulla 26 S.F.S. (13,742)

The NRL run home to the playoffs…

Roosters (34) v Panthers (h) win, Raiders (a) win, Warriors (a) win, Eels (h) win
Predicted points and ranking: 42 points; FIRST

Bulldogs (36) v Broncos (a) loss, Storm (a) win, Knights (h) win, Warriors (a) win
42 points; SECOND

Broncos (34) v Bulldogs (h) win, Tigers (h) win, Rabbitohs (a) win, Panthers (a) loss
40 points; THIRD

Panthers (28) v Roosters (a) loss, Cowboys (h) win, Eels (a) win, Broncos (h) win
34 points; FOURTH

Dragons (24) v Warriors (h) win, Knights (a) loss, Sea Eagles (a) win, bye
30 points; FIFTH

Storm (24) v Raiders (a) win, Bulldogs (h) loss, Sharks (a) win, Sea Eagles (a) win
30 points; SIXTH

Knights (22) v Sea Eagles (a) win, Dragons (h) win, Bulldogs (a) loss, Tigers (h) win
28 points; SEVENTH

Raiders (22) v Storm (h) loss, Roosters (h) loss, bye, Rabbitohs (h) win
28 points; EIGHTH

Cowboys (23) v Rabbitohs (h) win, Panthers (a) loss, Tigers (a) loss, Sharks (h) win
27 points; NINTH

Sharks (22) v Eels (h) win, bye, Storm (h) loss, Cowboys (a) loss
26 points; TENTH

Tigers (22) v bye, Broncos (a) loss, Cowboys (h) win, Knights (a) loss
24 points; ELEVENTH

Eels (18) v Sharks (a) loss, Warriors (h) loss, Panthers (h) loss, Roosters (a) loss
18 points; TWELTH

Warriors (16) v Dragons (a) loss, Eels (a) win, Roosters (h) loss, Bulldogs (h) loss
18 points; THIRTEENTH

Rabbitohs (15) v Cowboys (a) loss, Sea Eagles (h) win, Broncos (h) loss, Raiders (a) loss
17 points; FOURTEENTH

Sea Eagles (14) v Knights (h) loss, Rabbitohs (a) loss, Dragons (a) loss, Storm (h) loss
14 points; DEAD LAST

It's nice and tight. There are four teams tied for eighth spot with 22 points and seven teams seperated by two points. They are essentially fighting it out for four spots in the playoffs (and the right to be hammered by the Bulldogs, Roosters, Broncos and Panthers in the first weekend of the playoffs).

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