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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

NRL playoff frame 

Well just two weeks left till the REAL action starts in the NRL. I've been hearing how great the NRL is these days all year and again today from something on their website but I disagree somewhat and I'll tell you why next week when I get back on my regular schedule. These morning starts and evening finishes are killing me. I mean I forgot what it was like to get up before 8:30am on consecutive days. It sucks! The basic reason for my believing the comp is not all that is to do with the scorelines but more later when I can show you some examples from the season...

Right, on to the next two weeks.

Roosters (38) v Warriors (a) win, Eels (h) win
Predicted points and ranking: 42 points; FIRST

Bulldogs (38) v Knights (h) win, Warriors (a) win
42 points; SECOND

Broncos (36) v Rabbitohs (a) win, Panthers (a) loss
38 points; THIRD

Panthers (30) v Eels (a) win, Broncos (h) win
34 points; FOURTH

Dragons (28) v Sea Eagles (a) win, bye
32 points; FIFTH

Storm (28) v Sharks (a) win, Sea Eagles (a) win
32 points; SIXTH

Raiders (26) v bye, Rabbitohs (h) win
28 points; SEVENTH

Cowboys (27) v Tigers (a) loss, Sharks (h) win
27 points; EIGHTH

Tigers (24) v Cowboys (h) win, Knights (a) loss
26 points; NINTH

Sharks (24) v Storm (h) loss, Cowboys (a) loss
26 points; TENTH

Knights (22) v Bulldogs (a) loss, Tigers (h) win
24 points; ELEVENTH

Eels (22) v Panthers (h) loss, Roosters (a) loss
22 points; TWELTH

Sea Eagles (20) v Dragons (a) loss, Storm (h) loss
20 points; THIRTEENTH

Warriors (16) v Roosters (h) loss, Bulldogs (h) loss
16 points; FOURTEENTH

Rabbitohs (15) v Broncos (h) loss, Raiders (a) loss
15 points; LAST

If it finishes like that then these are the week one playoff match ups (home teams first):
Panthers v Dragons
Broncos v Storm
Bulldogs v Cowboys
Roosters v Tigers

I'd say the two most likely upsets would be the Dragons over the Panthers who have been quite inconsistent this year and the Storm over the Broncos who haven't had a great record at Lang Park in big games. The Storm are the kind of team that could knock them over as they would be playing without pressure as a) they won't be expected to win and b) they probably won't be knocked out even with a loss.

It's possible the Cowboys and Tigers won't make the eight but regardless of whether they do or not the Roosters and Bulldogs shouldn't be troubled by whoever they play. And it's possible that the Storm and Dragons may swap places but both teams are capable of winning in week one regardless.

Tigers over the Cowboys? come again?
Surely it's a 50/50 game at least for the Tigers.

It a home game for the Tigers who have been going well lately and the Cowboys just lost by 50 points last week to the Panthers.

Although going by my theories the Cowboys will bounce back and win it nicely. ?!
I think if Rauhihi's in then its a sure thing.

Cowboy's have beaten Knights, Dragons, Rabbits lost Bulldogs Panthers in last five weeks.

Tigers bt Eels and Rabbits lost to wickedly depleted Bronco's and Bulldogs and had a bye.

Also only the second time a Cowboy's game has been free to air in its 10-year history.
yeah I read on a league forum about how cowboys fans had been screaming to get a game on free to air. Pretty ridiculous that they hadn't.

Kind of like how the warriors had ONE friday night game last year, one season after making the grand final. Could never work that one out.

I'll pick the Tigers by 10. Home crowd to roar them home. maybe......

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