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Monday, August 16, 2004

Gossip and innuendo 

I hear that the frequently quoted media guru Jim Tucker, head of journalism at Taranaki Polytechnic has relinquished his grasp on academia and is heading back to good old fashioned reporting.

Or rather is heading to take up the chief reporter's role at the Sunday Star Times. Here's what Tucker said about the SST in a mediawatch comment in July 2001:

"About one Sunday a month I need an hour or two to get through its in-depth reporting, entertaining columns and enriching new information.

But the other three weeks, well, it just doesn't hit the mark. No new stories, a falling back on tabloid-like sensationalism, an over-development of the week's news sagas that don't warrant the effort of wringing them of every spot of blood."

Good luck turning it around buddy.

He goes on to say that the paper's rugby reporters are crap too, so he should be well recieved when he first arrives.

Speaking of rugby though I've also heard the rumour that backline coach Wayne Smith is going to get the arse very shortly.

That's an exciting rumour all right. Where does it come from?
Can't reveal the source but have double checked with them and they seem reasonably assured.
bring back jonah, dialysis machine and all... on second thoughts, screw the ab's, the warriors are more in need.

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