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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Google searches 

Like most websites we get some boomers here.

Perhaps from time to time we could share some of them (like now).

In the last few hours we have had somebody looking for video clips of Daniel Vettori (playing cricket I hope).

several looking for info on Renee Kiriona

Somebody looking for photos of Jacque Kallis and his girlfriend (let us know how you get on, did they do something dirty, topless poolside perhaps?)

And somebody looking for clips of the Seo Taiji video "Heffy End" which I linked to a while ago. It's in the archives somewhere folks. If you are really desperate email us or else put a comment in below and I can be more specific and direct you straight to it.

And to the lady (I assume) who was looking for naked pictures of Brad Fittler a while ago.... who'd you go in the end? Have any luck? Actually I'd rather not see any finds if you had any.

right I'm off to read ma book.

What's "Seo Taiji video "Heffy End" " about?
It's a music video by Seo Taiji (Korean musician). The song is called Heffy End. The video is pretty decent. From memory the song is about a stalker or something.

I'll try finding the link...

try cutting and pasting that into your thingeemajig.

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