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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Flat Backline Rubbish 

What is it with this flat backline that the ABs coaching staff keep preaching about?

Is'nt it incredibly naive to simply go into a game telling the opposition what style you will play and basically having no faculty to be able to change it if they keep rushing up at you and making you look like idiots getting smashed and dropping the ball all night?

Surely there should be three backline formations that get used during a game to mix it up a bit? You would think that in 2004 with all the time that goes into preparing the teams, the video analysis, the amount spent training and so forth that they would allow you to have time to prepare plan B? Hell there's probably enough time to prepare and practice plans C and D as well.

The three backline formations I'm talking about might be a) a more old fashioned one from past seasons, b) the current flat one they are intent on trying until it has to get binned because finally when guys have learnt it they get injured and the replacements can't pull it off and c) a third backline which would be something in between which keeps the opposition guessing.

The idea behind this flat line is that teams can reach the advantage line quicker and also if they get the ball wide fast enough they will catch the opposition out, but as I see it the defence doesn't have to go far to crunch the ball carrier and on top of that the defence is going to be well aware of the ball being flung wide quickly.

Not to mention our halfbacks famous passing speed not exactly suited to a flat standing first five. Which is clearly one of the reasons that Spencer has looked aweful with the ball in his hands every test this year and has been kicking all the time. Badly I might add.

Don't be surprised to see the Aussies rushing up and maybe the odd intercept as well.

Anyway, I'm just dumb and not getting paid anything for providing these thoughts.

Meanwhile, if you don't mind the odd stoush on the footie field then you will probably enjoy this website.

Era of the Biff!!!


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