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Friday, August 13, 2004


Only here in the land of the long white cloud could a convicted paedophile organise a marathon relay race, from inside the prison where he has been sentenced to preventitive detention, to raise funds for a children's charity.

Under the scheme inmates would have run a 10-hour relay with funds going to the Child Cancer Foundation.

A Radio NZ report said the director of a sex offender programme was "suspicious" of paedophile Roy Bailey's motivation for wanting to get involved in a charity for sick and vulnerable children.

Yeah well you'd fucking hope a sex offenders programme director would be suspicious of a paedophile getting involved in a childrens charity wouldn't ya?

In other crime related news I'm surprised that the jury found the homeless loser Phillip Edwards not guilty of the murder of interior designer David Mcnee.

McNee picked up Edwards off the streets and took him home, reportedly so Edwards could masterbate in front him for $120.

But the deal, according to Edwards, was that McNee wouldn't touch him and when he broke that deal, Edwards beat him to death and stole his car and possessions.

I wonder if I had gone home with a woman under the same agreement, which she then broke, and I punched her 30-40 times in the head if the jury would find me not guilty of murder?

That reminds me I was once hanging out with a Dutch girl friend in Holland and were reading that country's Lonely Planet, which said that unwanted male attention was a big problem for girls there.

She burst out laughing and said she couldn't get any attention whatsoever, no matter how hard she tried.

Also I'm pleased to see that the United States is currently invading Iraq's holy city of Najaf, if attacking sites sacred to Muslims doesn't curb terrorism I don't know what will.

Attacking holy cities seems to be an election tactic. "See, these people are barbaric; we must try to liberate tem".

And we get to thank them every time we fill the car up. The US election has more of an impact on us than a NZ one at the moment.
Indeed, $1.22 a litre for unleaded 91 last time I gassed up, and it looks like these militiamen are going to hit the pipelines sooner or later too. Fitty bags will have to become foils before too long, cheers uncle sam.
The rest of us should get a vote. A real vote too; not one decided by some stitched-up court somewhere
spare a thought for us Koreans.

It's roughly $1.60 NZ to fill up with the regular shit. Spose I should get the calcilator out to work it out properly.
right I just got the calcilator out (whatever that is) and I was way out.

It's about $1.41 a litre. Though when the exchange rate to NZ was better (it was 500 won to the dollar a couple of years ago compared to 750 now) it was over 2 bucks a litre.

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