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Monday, August 30, 2004

Be the Blues! 

Had quite a good time last night watching the gold-medal game in the women's handball, featuring Korea (in blue) versus Denmark (in red). It was a close-game, featuring some great goal-keeping, especially by the robust Korean lass, and only decided in Denmark's favour after overtime and then the handball equivalent of a penalty shoot-out. I cheered on the Koreans, on the basis of the Yamis connection, but I have to admit the Danish girls were better looking, especially the one called Anderson (who I nick-named Hans Christian). What can I say, gentlemen prefer blondes.

The other observation I had is that handball looks quite easy, especially if you've ever played a bit of basketball and indoor soccer. Plus not many countries are any good at it. It's about time NZ takes this sport seriously, we could be guaranteed a medal in the men's and the women's competitions every time. Easy peasy.

Advice: don't judge Korean women on the atheletes :)

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