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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Still don't give a f*ck 

Well, returning to New Zealand means that sooner or later you encounter the woeful evening news. I historically watched TV3, so I gave it another go last night.

That was my first mistake. I should have kept reading my book, and only turned on the TV in time for the Simpsons at 7.

Anyhow, the lead story - if you can call it that - concerned the failure of a small-to-mid sized business venture launched by Suzanne Paul. Only in NZ could this woman be a celebrity somehow worthy of our attention. For the uninitiated, she made a decent sum of money as the "host" (if you can call it that) of infomercials. A voice like a hacksaw going through a lead pipe. Anyway, she set up some company in Auckland catering to tourists, and it failed. Big deal. I believe creditors were seeking the grand total of $150k. We're not talking Enron here. The reporting into this non-event went on for what seemed like eternity, and I was considerably dumber for having watched it.

I forget what the second story was, but in third of fourth place was another total POS about some Art award, in which NZ was going to be represented by a long-drop toilet and a braying mule. I kid you not. Anyway, TV3 had dredged up a few people to complain about this "art", although if you ask me it represents the standard of NZ TV journalism pretty well.

Well, at least Shrek (the sheep, not the animation) isn't the lead story anymore - he dominated the headlines for weeks last time I was back.

My advice to the populace: whatever you're doing at 6pm in NZ, don't turn on the TV.


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