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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Inject this  

So, the Sydney Morning Herald reports that Cycling Australia is to be "rocked" by the latest allegations of doping in the sport? Yeah OK.

"Sean Eadie and Cycling Australia are expected to be rocked further today by confirmation that Customs officials intercepted a second drugs package addressed to the cyclist."

Have professional athletes really sunk to the depth where they would use illegal stimulants to artificially enhance their performances? Say it ain't so.

These allegations of drug use in cycling must really have caught Cycling Austrlaia off-guard.

What next? Drugs in athletics?

I say let athletes use whatever they choose, the wealthy western athletes - Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones etc - are always going to be a step ahead of the testing methods so it's only ever the poorer/dumber cheats who will be punished.

But one of the dumbest drug-cheating athletes of recent times didn't even get punished: Mark "have a line lover then put on the saddle" Todd. The New Zealand Olympic Committee did a good job of upkeeping our nation's sporting integrity there. NOT.

League players can't even turn up to training hungover or they get dropped from the team.

Although, I must say, gross drug-abuse has certainly helped me endure the Warriors abysmal season to date. Unfortunately for my employers it doesn't seem to enhance my productivity come Monday.

But look out next year with Ruben Wiki and Steve Price on the way they will be back to their best next season, roll on 2005 is all i can say.

I'm a little perplexed at the decision to keep Monty Betham on as captain however, to me he seems like to much of a scrapper to offer solid leadership.

Perhaps giving the captaincy to Wiki would help lessen the pressure on Monty and allow him to concentrate on keeeping his tackles down during the Golden Point period.

Rabbitohs at $2.60 aren't bad money against the woeful Warriors $1.40. Raiders at $2.70 to beat the Panthers $1.42 - who are back to full-strength - is also an outside chance.

But if I had $100 bucks to bet this weeekend it would go squarely on the Bronco's to outclass the Newcastle Knights this weekend at $1.60.

In other news the controversial Fight For Life is heading back to Auckland at the end of the month.

The annual celebrity boxing evening helps raise funds for children's causes; this year meningitis, in previous times anti-suicide measures.

A relative of mine went to the first ever Fight For Life charity event a few years ago and memorably described it to me as the "best night ever in my miserable fucking life" which I just can't forget.

This year former league star Tawera Nikau - who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident - is fighting and it should be extremely interesting, I wonder what its like to beat up a cripple?

Don't get me wrong he'd kick my ass but it should make interesting television.

The show's got me thinking who would I like to fight the most; for a good cause that is.

After giving it quite some thought - Police Association spokesman Greg "roll a joint and go-to-ground" O'Connor (he's everything I hate about public relations and the police just rolled into one)came runner-up - I've come to the conclusion it would be the little shit-stirring, p-smoking, celebrity-trailing, rat-on-ya-mates, wannabe-tabloid-journo Jonathon Marshall.

Now that would be more satisfying than a run-on sentence.


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