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Saturday, July 24, 2004

I felt great until the Tequila 

OK since the site has gone nuts with the formatting for now apparent reason I'll try reposting this post and deleting the one that is all over the place and see what happens.  Not that I can view the page to see the result mind you.

And that's enough about my Friday night.   Very briefly allow me to give you June's Entertainment News.  Recently I saw Shrek 2 which Bluebeardnz hated but I thought was ok.  The Day After Tomorrow which was absolute crap but better than a few of those other "the President is the last to leave and the hero" rather than reality - where he ran like a screaming sissy (September 11) - movies.  And then a few days ago I saw the third Harry Potter movie which was a great big 130 minute yawn festival.  The extent to which Rowling ripped off the Lord of the Rings books is becoming quite amazing.  But I reckon if you were really stoned the plot could have done just enough to confuse the fuck out of you and make it quite entertaining.
Kind of like the time I watched Memento and didn't realise the plot was playing backwards until about 20 minutes from the end.  Fantastic stuff.  

Anyhow onto boring sport.  The AB's played well except for their ball handling which was abysmal.  The Aussies on the other hand were absolutely, pathetically... useless.  They may as well have not even bothered coming.  Dry field and that would have been a massive win to the ABs.  Unfortunately the ABs took the wrong option a few times or spilt the ball when it felt like a try wasn't too far away.  They should have really scored three tries at least and hit the 30 point area which would have summed up the game better and made you wonder how many it would have been if we ever had decent weather in NZ winters and STOPPED PLAYING STINKING NIGHT TESTS ALL THE TIME!!!  

The game was horrible to watch and I'd like an apology from somebody for having to sit through it.  Anybody will do, you can email me and apologise if you want.  Just make it sincere.  Thanks.

The Warriors have now started to get a degree of normality back into their scores.   20-10 win over the Eels. 14-22 loss to the Sharks. 34-20 win over the Rabbitohs.   But they lie 6 points outside the top eight with just 14 points remaining.  If they beat the inconsistent Raiders next week in Canberra and then pick up two points for the bye they would give themselves a slim chance of making it but they have a nasty run home and it would be a decent sized upset winning next week.  So lets pass on that for the moment.  

On to a totally different sport.  The World Pool Championships has been live on TV from Taiwan everyday for the last week or so and the final is on tonight.  By "Pool" it means nine ball because if they played what we know as pool they would walk through the racks with their eyes closed.   The two finalists are a Philipino bloke representing Canada and a local Taiwanese lad.  The greatest moment of the tournament had to be this American tosspot named Earl "the pearl" Strickland being eliminated.  He really needs to see a psychologist.  I've seen him playing a number of times before and he throws wobblies over anything and everything.  I recall him telling the referee to shut up at last years world champs but he fires barbs around at his opponent, the audience and the ref like he's an American gunner with a civilian population in his sights (video to follow).   

And I'm sure that there were seveal other things I wanted to blog about but my brain is in the middle of the weekend (where it switches down a few gears) and still a bit 'water logged' with some evil poison from a couple of nights ago.


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