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Friday, June 11, 2004

Getting Out and Getting Down 

Russell Brown:
Yamis at Blogging It Real compiled an insightful look at how New Zealand batsmen's averages look if you remove their top three scores. He probably should get out more in Korea.
Tell me about it. Although I suppose my weekend trip to Tokyo last week would constitute getting out. I couldn't really think what to say about the place. Perhaps a comparison of the Asian countries I have been to might be in order in the future.

I've been counting down the hours this week. It's been a case of going to school, teaching my socks off, coming home and teaching some more then sitting in front of the computer for some light mental exercise that doesn't involve repeating words like "zoo", "video" and "this" (words Koreans have notorious difficulty pronouncing due to there being no 'z', 'v' and 'th' sounds in their language).

Everybody was in a good mood at school today, the teachers, the students, the lovely bloke in the store I use (although he always is so he shouldn't count) hell even I was enjoying sweating my arse off in the 30 degree temps we had to put up with. And to top it off even the taxi driver was bloody nice. We had a good chat -albeit in shonky Korean on my part- about NZ. He was travelling around New Zealand and Australia at the time of September 11 and so he was going on about what a nightmare the security checks were in Australia. I too was travelling at that time and will never forget the 4 hour delay out of Heathrow that made me damn near miss the last bus from the Venice Airport to get me to the train station to get me to Prague (don't ask me why I was landing in Venice and going straight to Prague, it's a long story and not at all interesting). Oh and the British airline lost my bags as well and then never paid out the insurance money. Fucking wankers. We got completely stiffed twice by insurance agents on that trip. Classic cases of delay, delay and delay until they give up.

So anyway where was I?

right, "getting out", ... well not only will I be getting out tonight I'll also be 'getting down' (many beers) and then hassling all the Irish folk on my footie team about ... well being Irish is always a good start. But not before wopping my Canadian friends arse at pool (which 'sweatpz' suggests I do). It really is like being in the United Nations teaching in Korea.

And finishing where all good blogs should...on sport (actually they should start there as well).

Well done Mr Fleming on what was obviously a 'f-you England I'm angry' kind of effort. Also Richardson once again proving what a fantastic player he is. Now if Styris could just belt 250 odd and Oram something similar we should be in a good position to ... ah who am I kidding. It's our bowlers I'm worried about. That's why dc_red have the mother of all bowling analyses in the pipe for the next couple of weeks.

All of this positivity has made me wary; it's still illegal to own guns in Korea, right? I'm envisaging yamis, a weapon, and the roof of a dodgy hollow concrete shell...I mean, a Korean high rise.

I shall be joining you tonight - though making fun of the Irish has lost it's magic, and I'm going to switch to another nationality, maybe the Welsh - and we can sit and ponder one of the few days where being trapped in a classroom of carefree lunatics is actually charming and delightful.

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