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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Daniel Anderson Quits 

Well that was a bit of a shock despite my earlier prediction. I was thinking it might be a couple more losses away.

Who would have believed that after half the season the Warriors would be sitting second to last and Anderson would be on his way out?. These guys were considered serious title contenders before the season started.

It's probably best that he does go though in my opinion. He did something pretty special at the Warriors and I think that he simply could not take them to that next level. They made a mistake by not buying in a couple of hard headed top level Australian players to keep the forward pack sorted out and also they expected a few of the existing forwards to step up into leadership roles but ... actually I'm about to take this along race lines so I'll have to choose my words more carefully later rather than rush something out that doesn't express quite what I mean ... I'm off to sort out my first graders.

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