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Monday, May 17, 2004

Mathematical equations?? 

Now maths has never been my strong point however, my initial calculations indicate that the news media has uncritically been running some blatantly untrue claims by National's Housing Minister David Carter.

Here is an extract of his press release - which was run verbatim yesterday on all the FM radio station news bulletins - regarding the ongoing leaky homes saga:

(Latest figures released by the Weathertight Homes Resolution Service show that there is still no end in site to the leaky homes crisis, says National’s Housing spokesman David Carter.
"Figures just released by the Service show that 87 out of 1821 claims have been resolved.
"The Government told homeowners that their disputes would be resolved in a 'speedy, flexible and cost effective’ manner, but 18-months later just 5% of claims have been resolved,” says Mr Carter."
“At this rate, it will take over 100 years for all claims to be sorted out. Who in the Labour Government is prepared to call that ‘speedy’?”)

Now if they have published 87 claims in the last 18 months that works out at 4.83 homes a month right? That works out at 377 months that it'll take them - one would assume the process will become more efficient the longer it runs? - now 377 months is 31 odd years ain't it?

Or 5% at 18 months = 100% at 360 months = 30 years. I guess the spelling of his "no end in site" comments were intended to be a joke? Who nose?

Good work Yamis with those dream dollars on the Bulldogs.

By the time I went to bet on the Bulldogs they had dropped to $1.57 so I held off and instead unloaded on Manly to beat the Warriors at $3. I figured the game could go either way so it was well worth a punt.

I didn't go to the game instead I went to Karekare Beach for a day of community horse racing. It was excellent and I met truck-loads of people I knew and had a few good games of frisbee. The only betting there was a blatantly unfair sweepstake where 1) you couldn't pick your own horse and 2)it only paid about 2:1 if it did come in.

The last race of the day was excellent. Instead of it being a straight out speed race it was more of an obstical course with the horses having to negotitate their ways around cones and their two relay riders having to do tasks like getting apples from buckets on the way.

My associates had backed unlucky horse no.3 - unlucky because its two riders had a combined age of about 18. When finally our poor horse rounded its final cone we cheered...the horse which had obviously never recieved so much as a clap reared up dismounting its jockey and sending us into hysterics and a poor 12-year-old girl face first into the turf.

Friends at the Worriers match left early in disgust which was unfortunate for Stacey Jones who recieved his award for having played his 200th match for the team. In my opinion the team is still reeling from the loss of Logan Swan.

Now I see the total hits on our blogsite is far from satisfactory: if I have to resort to getting hits by insulting Hard News's Russell Brown I shall. I mean if it works for NZPundit?

Anyway what is he thinking with both two ss's and ll's in his name...

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